My body is a temple.

Designed to draw in those who wish to worship

It is built with soft curves,

and smooth arching walls

My body is a temple

it holds secret places and holy caverns

only seen by the select chosen

who devote themselves to the god inside

My body is a temple

built in the likeness of old gods

whose worship is practiced in the temples

that our bodies are today

But my temple is flawed

the architect who built it

did not realize the mistake

he built my body in accordance with other gods

not realizing the god inside

was not those other gods

did not want their worshippers

who practiced other customs

My temple is wrong

like so many others

whose tunnels and bridges

do not reflect the god inside

The architect did not use

the blueprints they were given

some temples lead in

where they should press out

and some press out

where they should invite in

or there should be no room at all

But so many have perfect temples

they cannot believe

that the architect makes mistakes

that our temples are broken

they do not lead to the worship

of the god inside

but to other gods

in other temples

whose temples are not theirs either

who long to correct the faulty walls

to tear down useless rooms

and build centers of worship

that reflect the god inside

But our temples our revered

and so we are told no

we should be glad we even have a temple

for how many gods have had their temples broken?

at least we have a temple

but when someone worships at my temple

they worship someone else

their prayers will go unanswered

for they are seeking a god who is not here

there is only me

a perfect god

in a broken temple