Based in the year 4054. The world is being ruled by an organization called the order. 4 random teenagers are suddenly pulled out of
their normal lives and are told that in order to stop the Order, they need to find the seven daggers of legend each placed around the world, some hidden in
plain sight and some you have to die for. Each dagger contains a different element; water, earth, fire, air, metal, death and energy. The world has
changed, continents have moved and collided together to make mountains and split countries. Seabeds have separated, making never ending holes in the sea.
Creatures have evolved to make hideous monsters that roam both land and sea and other animals that are still peaceful. The four teenagers; Maxia, Deck, Alexandria and Harry must work quickly to get the daggers before the Order realise what they are doing. Can they succeed in their mission?

Chapter 1

Clicking heels sounded on the pavement as a girl of 17 with strawberry blonde hair that swayed in the wind as she made her way towards a train station. Passing down an alleyway, a strong breeze blew an envelope, hitting her in the face.

'What the hell?' she questioned the letter as she grabbed it off her face, her brown eyes took those of shock as she saw her full name written on the front. "Maxia Fleur Tarxeta." Her eyes shifted and she turned it over, continuing to walk once more she quickly ripped open the envelope and peered inside. All that was inside was a letter; pulling it out she saw the quickly scribbled font looking like someone had rushed writing this. She didn't realise she had started reading it until she got to the bottom and saw who it was from. The Forgotten Tribe of Time she tripped on an uneven path and cursed. Flicking her head back to the paper, she saw all the writing was quickly fading until all that was left was an address. 4119 Carter Street, find a red door, and take a left. Go down the tunnel and follow to the end. Do Not Turn Back. She got confused at the last part and instinctively turned around. Nothing was there. Maybe that's not what the paper meant?

Without knowing what she had really stumbled upon and what was about to happen, the same thing was happening to 3 other teens around the new world now called Orvain.

Following the directions on the parchment, she found herself in a long and winding tunnel. Again, she turned around and saw nothing. Still not what it meant.

'Why am I letting a piece of paper tell me what to do?' Max muttered as she continued on, finally, she came to a dead end. 'Oh fantastic! Now what.' She looked around and saw strange carvings in the stone that seemed like vines and water crawl up the wall. Without thinking, one of her fingers started tracing the wall, leaving a tingling feeling at her fingertips.

A cough sounded behind the stone wall in front of her. Startled, she jumped back slightly and let out a gasp. Whoever it was sure noticed it and stopped whatever they were doing. Suddenly, a low growl emitted from the stone wall and scratching from the other side was raking on her ears. It started getting louder and louder. Max quickly covered her ears with her hands, attempting to block out the scratching and growling which was sending shivers up her spine.

'Stop it! I was sent here by a letter! So just shut up!' she yelled. The growling and scratching stopped. Suddenly, she was seeing the wall quickly fly past her, while her hair was whipping her face as she was falling downwards. A shrill cry came from her mouth as she rapidly descended. This is great! Just great! It's not like I needed to go anywhere. She thought sarcastically as she fell. Suddenly, the tunnel turned started turning forward and began to feel like a slide. Finally coming to a halt she stepped off the slide and dusted the off the microscopic dust.

There wasn't much to see, the light was dim which only let her see a few metres in front of her face. Don't say anything. If I've learned enough from movies, it's that you do not say anything to let the bad guy know your position… But didn't you get a note to come here? … Exactly! She shook her head, not believing that she was actually talking to herself.

Out of nowhere, a cough sounded. She stopped moving, no part of her body twitched. She just stood there, still as a rock. Another coughed was heard through the dark. With nothing to show her what was she stood rock still. Wait! my phone! Picking her phone from the back pockets, she struggled to find a button without making noises or letting whoever else was there know that she was with them. Finally managing to click a button, the led light suddenly lit up. Looking forward she screeched and jumped back in fright.

In front of her, a face with what appeared to be dark holes was placed where his eyes should be. The mouth on the thing was turned upside down in what looked to be a scream, along with the eerie pale complexion from the phone she was currently using as a torch. A raspy sound started quietly from the face, quickly increasing in volume. Maxia could only stand there and watch in horror as the pale face slowly started coming closer to her. She slid down to the ground, only to be greeted with a scythe. She buried her head in her knees, taking harsh breaths and wishing that the hideous creature in front of her wasn't real.

Her heart was pounding with incredible force, her breath caught up in her throat. She sat there rigid while the creature was coming closer with each passing second. Suddenly, a hand shot out and was placed calmly on her knee. Still not being able to move Max couldn't see who or what it was, in fear of it being the creature.

'Do you really think she can handle this, if she can't handle Zorva?' a raspy voice asked from afar.

'Trust me. She is of three whom we have been waiting for to complete the quest.' A calmer voice replied, possibly to who the hand belonged to. 'Lift your head child, we won't hurt you.' At his command Max lifted her head to face a slightly wrinkled face, his violet eyes showed peace giving her the "OK". A few white strands of hair were in front of his eyes, the rest of his hair was pulled back into a low ponytail that went down to his mid-back.

'She's frail! What makes you think that she complete this quest without getting her head chopped off, Paragon?' Asked another man somewhere near the other was.

'She will make it.' he stated, giving Max a reassuring smile as he helped her up from the floor. Max's legs were still shaken as she stood; she eyed the beast now known as Zorva, closely.

Paragon gave off a chuckle as he watched the two exchange glances at one another. After watching the two, Paragon guided Maxia off to a table where another man with white hair and in a gold robe, the same as the other 3. He only glanced at her before going back to reading maps and manuscripts written in another language.

'Uh, hello.' Max greeted meekly in turn he didn't glance up or reply, so she just sat down looking back at Zorva. 'Umm, so, what's going to happen?' She asked looking towards Paragon who was patting the large beast. He looked up at her with a thoughtful look.

'Well, considering there is four of you that must do this quest we'll wait to introduce ourselves until the others arrive.'

'Four? Who are the others?' Now she was curious.

'You'll have to wait to find out.' He said turning back to Zorva. Max huffed and turned to lean her head against the chair to wait for the other three to arrive.


'The molecular structure of a frog combining with a reptile evolved to become one, which gives us the Remopathia we see today. Harry. Harry! Could someone wake him up please?' Professor Collin slouched on his desk as his students tried to wake up the dead – Harry.

A girl with deep orange/brown tinged hair moved closer to Harry. Carefully moving her mouth next to his ear she quickly yelled 'FIRE!' Harry jumped as quickly as he could out his seat and in mere seconds rushed to the door and out the building in minutes. Satisfied she'd done her job she leaned back in her seat with a smirk plastered on her face.

Outside in the collage courtyard, Harry turned around to face the school. After staring at the building for a while, realisation finally dawned on him. 'Wait, the school isn't on fire! Bloody Alex got me again!' shaking his head, he jogged back to the classroom.

Alex only giggled at the sight of him as he stalked back in the classroom, his lips a thin line and his eyes cast down. Once he sat down they proceeded with the lesson.

The end of the period finally came, and it was time to go home. Walking side by side down the street Alex laughed as she remembered Harry's reaction when she woke him up.

'That was uncalled for.' He said watching the path and hiding behind his short hair. 'We could've died!'

'Yeah, if it was a real fire.' She replied. Suddenly, Harry stopped in the middle of the path. Alex turned around with a confused look on her face. 'Harry, what's wrong?'

'There's a letter. For us.' He replied quietly as he picked up the envelope from the ground.

'Harry Grayson Mitchells and Alexandria Jane Richards" Alex read aloud. She looked over at Harry with a puzzled expression, but took out the letter from the envelope and continued to read.

"Harry and Alexandria,

This letter must not be shown to anyone. Under no circumstances will you tell anyone of what you will face after reading this letter, especially the Order. After reading this letter, directions that appear must be followed. Whatever you have done before and are planning to do MUST be put on hold, as you will be faced with a challenge. A new responsibility will be placed upon you, and it is up to you to hold out and complete the mission.

We wish you good luck.

The Forgotten Tribe of Time.' They both stood there, not believing what they just read. Was this for real? You can't be serious. Alex continued to walk, leaving Harry behind to try and decipher what the letter meant.

'Wait! Alex, look at this!' She quickly rushed back after seeing the look on her friend's face. 'It's an address!'

'Don't look at me like that… Wait, do you actually believe the letter? It's a scam!.. No.' Harry kept giving her the puppy dog eyes as she declined every attempt of going to the address.

After half an hour they finally arrived at 4119 Carter Street. Alex's arms were folded over her chest as she strongly disagreed with the situation. Harry hopped towards the door turning back briefly to Alex who was still standing there.

'Oh c'mon Alex, we can just see what it is and we'll go back.' reluctantly she gave in to his dreamy green eyes. Wait! Dreamy? No, Alex only thought of him as a friend, besides he would never look at her that way. Making their way down they came to a dead end.

'Oh Alex! Let's go and see what it is! Nice job, Harry, look where we are – at a dead end.' Alex exclaimed as she leaned against the wall. Harry looked up at her with apologetic eyes. She just sighed and placed her head in her hands. 'Well, I guess we just turn back, I told you the letter is a scam.' He agreed with a nod. As they turned around they faced a fearsome creature. With a loud growl they were knocked out.

'Arrggh…' groaned Alex as she awoke from the unexpected nap. Her head was pulsing as she slowly sat up from her position. Next to her, she heard another moan. Opening her eyes one by one she looked over and saw Harry holding his brown ringlets.

'Why does my head hurt so much!' he exclaimed while rolling on his side in the fetal position. 'This doesn't make any sense! What happened?'

'Umm, Harry?' Alex spoke quietly as she shook her friend while eyeing the beast in front of them.

'What? Can't you see I'm in pain?' He whined back.

'Yeah I can, but so can that thing.' He looked up at her with a puzzled looked, and then saw what she was watching. The beast they saw in the tunnel was watching them here and now in what seems to be a very large room.

'Alex,' Harry whispered. 'Don't move, I think it can sense fear.' He sat there half up and half down eyeing the large creature as it sat there swaying its long dragon like tail on the ground.

A whistle was heard from the far side of the room. 'Zorva!' the large creature got up and walked over to the caller, still watching the two slightly as it walked away. Alex and Harry let out a sigh of relief as the creature left and someone that looked ancient in a young kind of way walked towards them, his purple eyes calming them down.

Max petted Zorva while leaning her head against her arm. Two more people have arrived to fulfil whatever it is these people have planned, but now just one more person had to arrive for introductions to conduct.

She looked over to the guy who was still studying his manuscripts. Right now he seemed to be having a break, sipping some kind of organic drink while quickly looking over his work. Max took this chance to make conversation so her stay would be less boring.

'Hello, my name is Maxia Tarxeta. What's your name?' She held out her hand in greeting, in turn he eyed her slightly but agreed to converse with her.

'Balaguard.' He replied simply, she turned her head to the side. He doesn't have a last name?

'Umm, if you don't mind me asking, but, do you have a last name, Balaguard?'

'We guardians don't have one.' Ah, now she knew why they all dressed the same! They were guardians, but of what is the real question now.

'Um, hi whoever you are.' Alex spoke to Paragon as he approached the two that were still on the ground.

'Names Paragon and you two must be Harry and Alexandria.' He spoke in an official tone.

'I prefer Alex.' Paragon nodded.

'Understood. Now if you two would follow me to meet your partner, we're just waiting for one more to arrive.' He helped them up and led them to the table that Max was currently sitting at, still petting the large beast.

'Hey!' she said cheerfully, she finally had people she could talk to, without being told to wait for people and something about a quest. 'My names Maxia, what's yours?'

'Alexandria, you can call me Alex.' She shook her hand and moved to make way for Harry.

'I'm Harry, but just for you,' he winked. 'You can call me H Dog.' Max rolled her eyes, they all chuckled, and it's been sometime since she laughed or had something close to it. So it was nice. During their little introductions Zorva made his way over towards the group (don't ask Max how she knows it's a guy) and growled.

Alex and Harry jumped back a bit at the unnoticed entrance from the creature. Then Harry stepped forward.

'Wait, I learned about this thing in class, it's a.. uhh.. wait, why don't I know what it is?'

'Maybe 'cause you sleep in every class.' Retorted Alex, she stilled eyed the beast.

'No, I must've read it in a book or something. I don't think we learned it in class then since you obviously don't know what it is.' Alex glanced at Harry who was stroking his chin attempting to figure out what Zorva was.

'He's a mythical creature. Zorva is the only one of his kind that is left on this earth. He's a palliate oculta. It means – 'Paragon began.

'Masked Beast in Latin.' Max finished. She looked Zorva over and petted him once more, while waiting for the two to arrive they bonded over playing fetch with one of the guardians pencil holders. They weren't happy about it being broken in pieces.

'That's why Alex didn't know what it was!' Harry exclaimed, slapping Alex on the back and making take a few steps towards Zorva. She looked back with a playful glare, shoving him closer to the beast.

'Wait. Isn't there meant to be one more?' Max looked towards Paragon while Alex and Harry were shoving the other towards the confused creature. Paragon looked back to her and nodded his head then looked towards the entrance.

'Oh hey look who it is! It's the charity case!' yelled a large boy with his posse behind him that was made up of 3 boys, each different in physic and IQs.

'Jake, yell again, he's ignoring you.' Said Jake's right hand man, he looked to his friend and gave him an evil grin.

'Oi, orphan! I'm talking to you!' still his words did not affect him. Jake was starting to lose his temper and stomped straight up to him. He grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him to the ground. 'It's rude to ignore someone when they're calling you, orphan!' Jake spat out.

'It's also rude to harass someone. Yet you still do it.' came his bored reply, this got Jake even angrier.

'Look here you scum. Why would you care anyways, nobody wants you, your parents even proved that.' At that, he looked Jake right in the eye, his brown eyes going even darker.

'Let me ask you something. Don't you get bored of yelling at me and pushing me to the ground every day? Saying that nobody loves me just because I'm an orphan? I think it's the other way around. You're punishing others because you feel unloved. So in order to release all the built up anger towards the one that don't love you, you have to take it out on someone who doesn't have anyone to love.' Jake slowly back away as the other boy started rising to his feet, taking slow steps towards him. 'What happened to you, Jake? We use to be friends. But now you treat me like absolute shit.'

'I got friends, Deck. Better than you ever were.' With that, Jake walked away with his posse in tow. Leaving Deck to stalk back to the orphanage.

Once in, he slammed the door closed to his dorm. He was sick of it. Fed up with it, every single day is the same thing. He reached under his mattress, slowly removing his hand he brought out a knife. He placed it on the bed to take off his jacket. Moving to the opposite side of the bed, away from the door he sat on the floor, bringing the knife along with him.

Bringing out a dirty rag, he leaned against the wall and started scratching into it. Marking another miserable day into the wall that had scratches everywhere, organised into tally's counting every single day he's been at the orphanage after the first failed interview.

A soft sounded at the door, he grunted in reply. The door slowly opened and hazel eyes peered through.

'Deck, there's a letter here for you.' He took a quick glance and then turned back to scratching the wall. 'I'll just leave it on the bed for you. Supper's in 15 mins.' He nodded and she left. After 5 mins of sitting on the ground doing nothing, he finally got up and looked at the letter.

"Hunter Michaels" He read. Hunter? His name wasn't Hunter. He walked out his dorm and to the person who gave him the letter, Judy.

'Judy, this letter isn't addressed to me.' He tried to hand back the letter but Judy declined it.

'It is, Deck. We received a letter from some people a while back giving us your real name.' Deck look at her with a confused face.

'Then how did I get Deck?' She sat down on a seat that was present before starting again.

'A ranger just found you; no one came to claim you, so he came here and named you Deck.'

'So then some random people come here, hand you a letter, and tell you than my name is actually Hunter?' She nodded her head. 'Well that's stupid.' With that he left her and went back to his dorm.

Once the door shut he ripped open the letter, pulled the letter out and began to read.


This letter is for you and you alone. You, along with three others, have been chosen to go on an important mission - a quest if you will. Your companions are; Maxia Fleur Tarxeta, Harry Grayson Mitchells and Alexandria Jane Richards. The four of you will embark on a journey like no other.

You must work as a team to progress in this journey. You can NOT do this on your own. Whatever the reason.

Meet at the headquarters at the following location.

The Forgotten Tribe of Time." That name. It rang a bell. After reading, the letters faded and out came the address. He looked towards his window; he was currently 2 stories up. Not a problem. Before he jumped out the window, he opened his door and called out

'I'm not hungry!' then jumped out and headed towards 4119 Carter Street.