Working dawn till dusk, Timothy Bruckel sat down on a upside down crate. He was just about to tuck into a jam sandwich when a rustling sound came from outside. Tim walked over to the arched stone window to find the source of the noise. A bush that lay underneath the window moved slightly, as if something was in there. Tim waited a few moments before heading back to his lunch. Thump!

He turned around to find bags of flour tipped over on the floor and clouds of dust every where. Once the flour has settled rim could see what had caused such a commotion. Sat there on the floor on front of him was a puppy with a bushy tail, pointy ears, sparkling eyes and an innocent puppy look on his face. Tim bent down and picked up the jolly fellow and set off home with the pup in his arms.

As Tim opened his front door, he placed the puppy on the floor. "If I'm gonna keep you then I should give you a name" Tim says to the puppy, "but are you a boy or girl?" Tim continued. Tim picked it up and decided that the puppy was a boy. "How about Oscer?"Tim asks the puppy. He sits wagging his tail back and forth. Tim thought to himself, I think he likes it.