Hayashi Academy

Chapter I: Arrival

Phase 1: Roshen and Kobayashi

Prologue: Each year 25 students are chosen to attend Hayashi Academy; the academy is esteemed worldwide and is strictly known for developing the minds, skills, and character of young men and women who possess "special gifts."

Sunday August 8th 2010

0530, Hayashi Forest

There was not a speck of light in the forests of Hayashi Academy. Over the horizon the sun was slowly creeping upward. It was early in the morning, even for most early birds. The animals were only beginning to wake up themselves and perform their normal animal instinctive tasks. The birds flapped their wings and took off into the dark sky; the snakes slithered from the warmth of stones to find a morning meal; the fish gathered into schools and swam off to continue their own adventure. The forest was silent aside for heavy breathers from two men.

Deep in a clearing of the forest was two warriors; a young male of Asian decent around the age of 17 standing about 5 foot 7 inches dressed in a blueish purple monk styled traditional robe with his brown eyes filled with admiration for the man standing in front of him. As a monk in training the young man wore his short black hair in a tight buzzed cut. He was the protege for the other warrior; a slightly older Caucasian man around the age of 27 standing taller than the young monk at 5 foot 10 inches with a somewhat longer buzz-cut and very gruff facial hair dressed in looser clothing, a tan warrior long sleeved shirt and dark brown pants. He stares back at his protege with a proud look in his hazel eyes.

The two have tons of sweat pouring down their brow after completing a training session involving a spar and physical training. The young male, weak in the knees falls backwards to his bottom and leans on a sturdy tree behind him, huffing and puffing trying to regain his breath. The older male wipes his brow, walks over and leans against the same tree while standing.

"Kobayashi, that's enough for now..." The older man tells his young apprentice, Kobayashi.

"Master Roshen! I was so caught up in training I almost forgot what day it was." Kobayashi responds to his teacher, Roshen.

Roshen raises an eyebrow but then is reminded of the importance of Kobayashi's previous statement.

"You're right Kobayashi... it's about the time the students are supposed to arrive to the academy for their orientation." Roshen answers.

Kobayashi nods excited but Roshen gives him a stern look causing the young monk to stare back with a confused look.

"Are you sure you are ready to attend the academy? I mean, you could wait another year or two." Roshen verifies with the young monk.

Kobayashi returns a stern look and Roshen sighs and begins to chuckle.

"I believe this to be my year master... I am ready to follow in your footsteps and graduate the academy." Kobayashi confidently retorts.

Roshen holds out his hand and Kobayashi smiles before tightly gripping his master hand to be lifted to his feet. They continue to clench each others hand as Roshen gives it a more binding grip.

"Kobayashi, do not forget the things I've taught you. Remember that you aren't the only person joining the academy... but you do have the advantage of knowing this island. I want you to be a leader to your classmates and be a humble host in your home. Make everyone comfortable, lighten up, and have some fun." Roshen instructs.

"Yes Sir!" Kobayashi responds proudly.

The young monk and his master separate going different paths to the academy; the monk heads to his original dormitory to wash up and present himself to the arriving students while the older warrior proceeds to his office in order to prepare his mind for the upcoming events this school year.