Part IV: Lowering the Curtain

The night quickly came to an end and it was time for the guests to depart from the island. Everyone spent a few moments to see off their respective guests and family members, with some tearful good-byes, and some good riddance. At the girl's dorm Allie helps Kara pack up her belongings as they chat about the things the good times from the semester. After they finish, the two approach the exit gate of the academy only for Rob to be waiting for them. She feels Rob's presence and immediately drops her things and run over to embrace him.

"I really didn't want this time to come. I was hoping that time would stand still in our final moments together." Rob explains.

"Oh Rob! I don't know what to say. I don't want to leave you." Kara sobs.

Rob stands tall and places his hands on her shoulders.

"I promise this won't be the last you'll hear from me. Keep in contact alright?" Rob asks sincerely.

Kara nods and reaches in her bag.

"Rob, I want you to have this." Kara says pulling out her beloved instrument.

"This is your..." Rob responds surprised.

"I want you to keep this flute for me... and one day I want you to return it to me. But for now, keep it as a memento. Remember the melodies I've played for you, and hopefully I can continue to give you strength even being so far away from you." Kara explains.

Rob receives her flute and clenches it tightly. He looks down and begins to tear up as well.

"If this is your will... I will carry your flute with me at all times." Rob says looking at her.

Kara smiles and the two share a final kiss before Kara gets into the car, she has a disappointed look on her face. Rob stares at the car as the car leaves the gate and heads down the long bridge. Rob and Allie stand next to one another looking on. Soren creeps from the shadows up to Rob holding his bags too.

"Soren?" Rob says recognizing him.

Allie sees the sadness in Rob's face and comforts him.

"I can't... after witnessing this tragedy it wouldn't be fair for me to leave too. My reasons are too selfish and I did not realize how much we all truly mean to one another." Soren explains.

"So you're staying?" Allie asks.

Soren nods and Rob smiles happily. He fist-bumps Soren and the two hug. Elsewhere Tana and Maako sit outside the academy on the stairs.

"Tonight was so much fun! Honestly... every time we hang-out it's fun Tana." Maako admits.

" is pretty fun when we hang out." Tana replies.

They both smile at each other.

"There's something I wanted to tell you before Maako... when we were trapped in that hole." Tana says softly.

"Huh?" Maako nervously responds.

"Even though we were in a dangerous situation. I actually never felt afraid. I think it was because I was with you." Tana explains.

Maako fireblushes.

"I was willing to take a burn to the face... and you were will to die protecting me." Tana smirks rubbing her face.

"Well... it's no big deal! Our powers respond well to one-another." Maako replies.

Tana shakes her head.

"It's more than that. It's hard for me to put in words but... I think we are connected far beyond just through our powers." Tana explains.

Maako's face turns to normal and he begins staring at Tana with a confused expression.

"Uh... I'm lost..." Maako muffles.

Tana blushes more and begins to squirm.

"Damn it idiot! You're making this so difficult. (I'm trying to say that... I... like you..)." Tana says before her statements become as quiet as a whisper.

Maako is unable to hear what Tana says after the word difficult due to her being so quiet.

"Huh... I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say but I do have something I want to say. And maybe I'm being too forward or out of bounds by saying this." Maako says pounding his chest to become more confident.

"Eh?" Tana responds confused.

"I really like you Tana! I know you probably don't settle for idiots like me. I had to get that off my chest though." Maako admits.

Tana blushes even more and turns her head away. Maako sighs and stands up from the stairs scratching his head.

"Ugh! I'm so stupid! I'm sorry... I get excited some times and just the blurt the first thing on my mind. I don't mean to make you uncomfortable. I'll just leave." Maako apologizes holding his head down in shame.

Tana grabs Maako's hand before he is able to leave. Her hand is unusually warm as if their powers were resonating together. He fire-blushes again.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you idiot..." Tana yells keeping a smile on her face.

Maako turns around surprised and his fire dies down to his normal face.

"Maako... if you feel the same way I do. There's no reason to hide it any longer!" Tana tells him.

"Tana..." Maako says with his eyes wide.

Maako smiles.

"So, I shouldn't hide from my feelings?" Maako asks.

"Of course not... and neither should I." Tana says closing her eyes.

She suddenly feels Maako's lips press up against her own. Her face flushes and she opens her eyes shocked. Her eyes slowly relax and shes embraces Maako and the two make out. Meanwhile Ben and Jasmine sit side by side in the field of Hayashi forest, away from the rest of the students. They both are looking at the night sky, but Ben glances over to Jasmine who has a sad expression on her face.

"What's going on Jasmine? You've been acting strange all night." Ben says confused.

"Well...I've been hiding something from you." Jasmine sighs.

"Hiding!?" Ben sweats.

"The truth is... my family will be moving from the island at the beginning of next month." Jasmine admits.

"What!? Why wouldn't you tell me that?" Ben asks standing up.

"I didn't want you to worry during the ball. It would have been selfish to ruin your night with my problems." Jasmine explains.

"Ok... I can understand that... but why are you leaving now? Your father is the leader in your town right?" Ben asks.

"He was removed. The people were really upset about the attack on the island and wanted him to renounce the academy along with many of the surrounding towns but he refused." Jasmine explains.

"I didn't realize that the academy had such a negative reputation." Ben admits.

"He told them that it wasn't the academy's fault but they felt the academy has always been a conductor for evil and problems on this island." Jasmine continues.

"But we always step up to defeat the evil. Why should they care?" Ben asks.

"People lose their lives in the wake of the academy's history. They want the academy to be removed permanently. It's affected my family so much that my father has received death threats and we are having to move because of it." Jasmine concludes.

"That's...not fair!" Ben growls punching the ground.

"It's okay though. Apparently my father got me accepted at a new academy which is modeled after Hayashi." Jasmine replies.

"A new academy?" Ben asks.

Jasmine stands up and nods happily.

"Yeah! I'm going to be just like you all. I may not have any powers or strength like you all but the recruiter promised that we will be able to receive powers of our own during our school year." Jasmine tells him.

"That great... but... how?" Ben asks.

"I'm not sure but it sounds promising! Could you imagine when we both graduate! I'll have super-powers and we can fight crime together... or something corny like that." Jasmine responds.

"It sounds great and all... but that doesn't sound trustworthy at the same time." Ben tells her.

"Why not? It's just a school for un-gifted people to become just like you all. If anything it's more fair than Hayashi Academy." Jasmine angrily responds.

"It doesn't sound a tiny bit suspicious to you? If a random person came up to me and promised me power, I'd be a bit apprehensive." Ben says attempting to think critically about the situation.

Jasmine becomes visibly upset.

"It doesn't discriminate! It gives me a chance to be special... but you all are already special, that's why you don't understand it." Jasmine scowls.

"It sounds fishy Jasmine. I'll have to talk to our Headmaster about it." Ben replies.

"No! Don't get the academy involved in my decision. I'm already forced to leave my home because of the academy. For once we will be living our lives away from your academy's influence!" Jasmine yells.

"This could be potentially a threat to everyone. I don't like the sound of it. I'm informing Headmaster Loki and Hezekiel regardless." Ben grunts.

"Fine! Tell them! But if you ruin my chance of enrolling into this academy...well I'll never forgive you." Jasmine says with tears fleeing her eyes.

"Jasmine... please calm down." Ben replies trying to place his hands on her to comfort her.

Jasmine slaps his hands away.

"You don't understand me at all! You're able to just go on adventures and do things us normal humans can't do because you have a gift! The academy I've always dreamed about going to... accepted you and the others like you but rejected me because I don't have a gift! I've always been...nothing." Jasmine cries.

"That's not true Jasmine... you mean a lot to me." Ben responds.

Jasmine runs away from Ben not giving him a chance to comfort her.

"Jasmine!?" Ben yells confused.

Elsewhere Arisa and Shou sit together on top of the roof of the AERO guild house.

"It was really nice to meet your siblings Shou. I would have never guessed you were so close to your sisters." Arisa smiles.

"Sorry, I guess I'm still working on being more open." Shou groans.

"You think?" Arisa says giggling.

She leans her head on Shou's shoulder.

"I'm glad I was able to see this side of you Shou. I feel that I've finally met the complete version of you." Arisa admits.

"I think I could have suppressed my feelings along with that power of mine." Shou replies with a shamed look on his face.

"I wouldn't worry about your power too much. I'm sure as long as you remember the things that are important to you, it will never take over again. Just remember your cute sisters, or the annoying guild mates that we call family." Arisa jokes.

"Or... you?" Shou adds.

"Me?" Arisa quietly responds as she her face becomes flushed.

Shou turns to her and stares deep into her emerald green eyes. They shine with the stars and Shou can't help but move closer to Arisa. Arisa shakes nervously but gravitates towards Shou as well. They move close enough to kiss but stop short hearing a creek in the roof. The roof breaks at their position and the two fall through. Shou regains composure and grabs Arisa into his arms, cradling her as he lands on his feet.

"A-are you alright?" Shou asks helping her stand.

"Yeah... thanks to you." Arisa replies kissing him immediately.

Shou and Arisa embrace as the moonlight shines through the hole in the roof they both created.

"I guess we will have to fix that..." Shou smirks taking a second away from this kiss.

"I'll have Jett and Maako do it." Arisa responds smirking as well before jumping back in for another kiss.

Elsewhere Sai and Star walk up to the grave site of Ishimaru, Star's love interest that was killed during the fight against Lord Damon and Queen Isis.

"You know you didn't have to come here with me." Star tells Sai while laying flowers at the grave.

"You serious? It's dangerous out here Star. I can't have my leader out here alone." Sai explains.

"I can't believe he's become nothing but a memory... It's strange though, when I come here I can feel that he's happy with his wife. I think knowing that he's happy it gives me strength." Star tells Sai.

"He's not just a memory Star. Just like Ritchie for me... they are still with us in spirit, and they will always be with us." Sai explains.

Star stares at the grave.

"Yeah... his spirit." Star thinks.

"You'll meet him again, and you and your husband can have a double date with him and his wife." Sai smiles.

Star giggles and a cold wind blows causing Star to shiver. Sai immediately takes off his jacket and places it around Star causing her to blush.

"Let's head back. You'll catch a cold." Sai says concerned.

"This jacket is nice but...I think holding onto you will warm me more." Star responds standing next to Sai.

Sai blushes and Star grabs his arm as he escorts her back to the academy. Kenshin and Sendara have changed clothes since the ball and head to the forest. Kenshin tests his sword against Sendara, Sendara finds herself overwhelmed again by Kenshin new prowess. She becomes frustrated but Kenshin pins her against a tree. Sendara smiles and grabs him back as they kiss passionately. Elsewhere Kairu and Lyra stand with each other near the cafeteria. Kairu holds his hand for Lyra.

"Are we going on another adventure Kairu?" Lyra asks taking his hand.

"Sort of! But this adventure... we won't even have to leave this spot." Kairu explains.

"What do you mean?" Lyra responds confused.

"Lyra... ever since I've met you... I've wanted to tell you." Kairu says mustering up courage.

Lyra blushes.

"Tell me?" Lyra asks.

"I really like you Lyra!" Kairu responds quickly and unable to think of other words.

"Really?" Lyra asks surprised.

"Yeah! I've been afraid to tell you because I didn't want to ruin our friendship. But a good friend of mine told me that I should stop being afraid of what might happen if I told you." Kairu admits.

Lyra blushes heavily and smiles.

"Well... Kairu, I like you too!" Lyra responds happily.

Kairu blushes about the same intensity as Lyra.

"Honestly, I've always felt that my feelings may be one-sided so I didn't say anything. I was just happy knowing we were just best friends!" Lyra tells him.

Kairu smiles.

"Trust me Lyra, your feelings aren't one-sided. I felt the exact same as you." Kairu adds.

The two stare at one another holding hands awkwardly.

"So...what do we do next? Haha." Kairu nervously asks.

"I'm not sure..." Lyra responds awkardly.

They both just stare at each other. Meanwhile, Paul is outside of the Flame guild working on something outside. Alasia walks towards the guild finding Paul.

"So this is where you ran off to Paul?" Alasia asks.

"Oh! Sorry about that Alaisa... I was just inspired to create all of a sudden." Paul responds.

"Heh... all work and no play." Alasia comments standing over him.

"Well... I was inspired by someone." Paul explains looking at her.

"What do you mean?" Alasia asks.

Paul shows her. It's a mechanical bear that looks a bit like Alasia. Alasia blushes seeing his work.

"Wow...It's so cute!" Alasia admires.

"Haha, and it's very deadly. Just like someone I know." Paul explains.

"I'm cute and deadly?" Alasia smirks with her eyebrows raised.

"Well this thing might look cute on the outside, but in battle when I press this button... it'll explode! It's super powerful and I named it after you." Paul explains.

"This is the sweetest thing ever Paul." Alasia responds hugging him.

Paul smiles and blushes.

"And you're the sweetest guy I've ever known." Alasia says before kissing him.

Paul embraces her and kisses her back. Meanwhile Jett and Erika walk around the academy together just hanging out.

"I had so much fun with your mom and sister today! They are both sweet hearts." Erika tells Jett.

"Well maybe one day you can baby-sit Herz for me." Jett smirks.

"That sounds awesome! I always wanted a little sister... I mean she would be like a client really... but I'd treat her no different than a sister. We could have tea parties and I could help her with her homework...and she could probably help me with mine." Erika jokes.

"I never thought I'd see Herz like any girl I brought around her. She's usually very strict." Jett explains.

"Maybe she has a special power that can sense... people who actually care about you." Erika muses.

"I wish I would have taken her warnings about some of the other girls I dated then." Jett groans.

Erika giggles.

"Her name is German for heart. So maybe she does have that power." Jett sits.

Erika sits next to him.

"Your sister really looks up to you Jett; I can see it when she talks about you. You're a great older brother." Erika compliments him.

"Well, she never really had our dad around, so I tried to emulate him in his stead. That way when he returns home from his mission it will be natural for her to accept him." Jett explains.

"That's really sweet of you." Erika admits.

"I always tell her stories of the stories dad told me when I was younger. She really loves them. I can't wait for them to finally reunite." Jett responds happily.

"Well if he is anything like you... I can tell he is a great man that cares about his family a lot." Erika says leaning against Jett.

"Yeah, I've always wanted to be like my father. I want to surpass him one day and have a family of my own too. So it's just practice." Jett replies cuddling Erika.

The two unknowingly begin to get extra comfortable with one another despite not dating at the point in their relationship. Jett continues to tell Erika about his life and his father. The two become so close to one another that they instinctively draw near to kiss but Jett snaps back to reality and pulls away.

"I'm sorry... I know you don't want to rush things Erika. Jeez... I don't know what I was thinking." Jett grunts standing up.

"Please don't apologize! Jett... thank you for slowing us down." Erika responds blushing and sounding a bit disappointed.

Jett holds out his hand to Erika.

"How about I just walk you back to the dorms. It's getting late." Jett tells her.

Erika nods and grabs his hand.

"Thanks Jett. You're a really great friend, you-know." Erika smiles.

All of the students head to their respective dorms for the end of the night. They each sit in their beds unable to sleep, either thinking about the good of the night, or the bad. The next morning comes and the students notice a flyer on their door about a vacation. The students will be going to a ski resort for some winter fun along with most of the instructors and headmasters until the next semester starts.


Kiera sits in an office chair inside a mysterious looking office at a table with a bunch of unknown shadowy figures.

"Thanks to you Kiera... I have my treasure back in my possession but I still need the others." A mysterious voice tells her.

"The rest are located at the academy. Some of the students grabbed them as souvenirs during the scuffle with Isis. I didn't have time to find them." Kiera explains.

"It's alright, we will handle that situation later. Our doors are opening for new students, and with their help we will achieve balance." The voice responds.

"So it's finally time?" Kiera asks in a cold tone.

"Yes my daughter... it's time to show them the true meaning of balance." The voice says standing up.

His figure is revealed. He is a young-looking elven man with half white and half black clothing and hair. His eyes are also white and black. He is equipped with several glowing weapons and the ring Isis had on his finger as well. He smiles alongside of Kiera and the other shadowy figures.

"Let's give this world... a New Start." He announces.

[End of First Semester Redux]