I see dead people.

Oh, too real maybe? Or maybe it just sounds like something out of a horror movie (ha-ha of course it does idiot)? Or maybe it's just a little cliché for you? That's me. The walking cliché. I do see dead people. Well, not actual blood-and-guts dead people lying in the morgue. I see their ghosts, in various stages of life usually. Sometimes death too. I definitely prefer the ones who fixate on their lives though. You see, that's the way it works. The pessimist ghosts who want revenge on those who killed them, or hate the world in general? Those are the ghosts who decide they want to freak out all the seers by letting us see them in all their gory glory. The optimist ghosts on the other hand, are kind of cool. They liked their lives, and decide that they want to wander around the world a bit longer. Either that, or they have that 'unfinished business'.

My name's Cassandra Stiles and I see ghosts. Whether you like to hear it or not, I'm telling you this. Just like I'm going to attempt to tell you my story. First, I'll let you know how I look. I have brown-auburn sort of hair, but I have some blonde highlights in there too. Weird as it may seem, I get those from the ghosts. I'm told I have a decent figure. I'm no supermodel, but running from the ghosts of occasional serial killers tends to keep you fit. I have steel gray eyes, and my skin is pale with freckles smattered across the bridge of my nose. "-ie? CASSIE!" I snapped out of my reverie quick. My best friend Kayla is busily waving her hand in front of my face, as well as snapping her fingers. I brush it off with a small chuckle. "Okay, okay. I'm listening! What the hell, Kayla? What? WH-WHAT THE HELL KAYLA?" My desk is bright red now. "WHAT'D YOU DO?" Just what I need to draw more attention to me in my homeroom class. "I was going to ask you the same thing, Cass. Also, I was trying to tell you it's next period. However, then I noticed your nose was pouring blood and I had other issues than you spacin' out on me! Girl, you need to focus. Like, majorly."

"What? That's all from me?" What the hell? What happened? I reached up to my nose and sure enough, it came away covered in blood. Great. Just what I needed. What had caused this? I gave the room a once over and then saw the problem. There was a large, rather insistent ghost in the corner of the classroom. Most likely, it was trying to get through to me all through class. It might even be a malevolent type. I could deal with this, but not with my friend around. She excuses the occasional crazy stuff, but she has no idea of the secret I hold. I'd really rather keep it that way. "Uh...Kayla? Go on without me. I'll have to go to the nurse anyways, so there's no point in you missing class. Just let Mr. Johnson know, okay?"

"If you're sure...I don't like to leave you like this..."

"Trust me on this. I'll be fine. Right as rain. Just get on your way already before we BOTH get a tardy!" Kayla finally nodded and I gave a laugh as she started running. Running in the halls was forbidden. In fact, she might just get more in trouble for racing to her class than getting marked late. I smirked before taking some of the handkerchiefs I kept in my bag out and wiping up the blood. This happened sometimes. Generally not to this extent, but still. I stood up from my desk and walked to the corner with my backpack slung over one shoulder. "Okay, bozo. Generally ghosts aren't so persistent, so what's your problem?"


"Uh...you don't speak English by any chance?"


"Great. Just my luck." If a ghost died traumatically, or if they just drifted too long and stayed on Earth without earthly attachments, they lost many of their Earthly memories, and unfortunately for poor clairvoyants like myself, that meant they lost their capacity for languages. You have no IDEA how difficult that made my job. However, so far this was the worst it became, so I suppose I wasn't in a position to complain. It made it much harder to send this particular spirit on its way though. The ghost was reaching for me now, its hands grasping like the claws of a monster. It really just wanted to experience peace in the afterlife, right? Yeah, you're right. I'm supposed to be the one who knows about this, but it's very hard to interpret grunts. Like talking to a pig, only slightly human shaped and translucent. Well, maybe that wasn't like talking to a pig on second thought. It's hard to describe. I retreated to nearby the classroom door. Everyone was gone. This classroom was only used for one class, and it was already finished. Which meant this spirit had free rein of this small part of the world. If I had to guess, I'd say it had some nasty ties to the room too. Hey, it was a part of the school. Decent guess, right? I had a lot of things in my bag of tricks, but a lot of them were meant for the malevolent spirits. The really malevolent ones. I didn't really like to use them right away though, because in reality I had no idea what they actually did to the ghosts. Ghosts were once people, so it didn't seem right if I was dooming the poor person to something I didn't know about. However, if they tried to hurt me, I had no choice. Them or me, simple as that. "Taste my ribbons of cleansing!" Just because I can see ghosts doesn't mean I'm completely useless in battle. I didn't like to use these other powers because someone might see. It would be bad enough if people ever saw me talking to ghosts without them seeing my shining white ribbons. It was unclear how my powers worked, but I was pretty sure they were somehow linked to the mind. I could picture an action happening to the ghost in question, and then my ribbons carried out that very action. Kind of cool I supposed, but I would have rather been human.

You see, in my world, people with powers are called simply that: powers. We are the sum of our abilities apparently. Everyone knows most people are afraid of what they don't understand, and no-one understands people with powers. No-one tries, really. If someone's found to have powers, then they're quickly shunned from even their hometown and destined to drift instead of having a home. That was the very last thing I wanted, but ghosts sought me out for both council and...nourishment. This made it incredibly hard for me to keep my identity as a power secret. I looked carefully to make sure no-one was passing the classroom before I pictured the ribbons wrapping around the arms of the ghost and the ghost fading into sparkly dust that fluttered gently to the floor. I smiled before opening my eyes. Ghost banished. "Job well done."

"Any particular reason why you are still here, Miss Stiles? If you insist on playing hooky from a class, why wouldn't you bother to go home?" I froze before turning around. "N-nurse Laurie! I...I...I can explain."

"Well then, I'd love to hear your explanation. Kayla came to me worried about you."

"Umm...no need to worry. Just a nosebleed. I mopped it up and it's fine now." This was bad. This was very, very bad. Nurse Laurie wasn't nearly as easy to fool as Johnson. Laurie was actually pretty sharp. I just hoped she'd spoken as soon as she'd seen me. It would be really momentously bad if she had seen any of that. Sweat sprang to my forehead. "If you're sure. But I would much rather you came to my office instead of handling things like that yourself from now on, Cassandra. You'll understand that my job is to take care of you and the other students. If you don't let me do my job right, your parents could have every right to complain."

"No need to worry, Nurse. I know it's my fault for not coming sooner. So you're off the hook, right? I have to get to my next class now! See ya!" Honestly, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I still had a bad feeling she was suspicious about something. With good reason, really. I really did look like a shady character a lot of the time. I napped in class, daydreamed, drew in my notebook instead of taking notes and concentrating, and wrote the occasional rhyme in the margins. Even skipped I wasn't exactly a model student. I ran to my next class. That was another thing I seemed to do a lot of, to my chagrin. Running everywhere kept me in shape though. "Miss Stiles, if you're going to run so fast, how about you join track instead of running in the halls? Put those talents to good use!"

"Uh...sorry coach! Gotta go! Late for my class!" What was it with the faculty today? Who was I going to run into next? The janitor?

Listen up guys: I know the other stuff I have up is kinda crappy, but I want this to be good. I need your critiques so that I can make this better. I get reviews, I get better. If you don't like it, tell me why so it has a possibility of being improved. This is officially the start.

We're off!