The little boy picked listlessly through the trash covering the bottom of the ally, already knowing he wouldn't find a meal there. He sighed as his tummy mumbled pitifully. Whimpering slightly he curled up, trying futilely to shield as much of his tiny body as he could from the harsh wind. He waited, listening and lost all hope. What person would be mad enough to come to this forsaken place?

Time passed, the hazy shadows lengthened, reaching out until their smoky fingers consumed the whole sky. Suddenly, the boy lifted his head. Under the endless moaning of the wind there was somethingā€¦ else. Loud threatening barks of huge dogs filled the air. The thudding of heavy paws grew closer, their footsteps sending tremors through the earth. And with those horrific sounds of Hell's hounds hunting were human sounds.

Sounds of terror.

The child's heart began to race; his breath coming in quick gasps. Shouts of fear reached his ears as people were herded, screaming, through the empty streets towards him. His eyes began to glow in anticipation as a wicked grin spread across his face. He trembled with excitement he uncurled to savour his prey's panic.

His hounds had brought him dinner.