"When dreams are destroyed and fate crumbles, only hope and memories can be relied on. What will drive you forward when your comfortable world disappears?"

An outstretched hand grasps another in desperation. These are the last things that one can hold on to. Cold sweat drips down the skin of both as fear washes away any feelings of hope that may have been left. She's crying. Her brother is crying too. Neither wants to let go, but fate would not have it. The raging waters below were the pit of despair that led to inevitable ends. The rain only further solidified the ensuing sorrow.

"I won't let you go! I refuse to let you die!" the boy says to his younger sister.

He was unaware just how little of his fate he controlled. What followed, he couldn't tell you. When her hand and his separate, his eyes refuse to visualize the outcome. The scene became black as nothing else matters. The sound of a violent splash brought him back to reality. His teary eyes gaze longingly at his empty hands.

If only I wasn't so weak.

Tetsuya rises violently from his bed. A cold sweat covered his body. Every deep breath pushes his chest outward and inward. He palms his face before sweeping a hand through his bedraggled auburn hair.

Just a nightmare.

The door to his bedroom swings open.

"Tetsuya, are you alright? I heard you scream," his younger sister Kei asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," he apologizes.

"It's cool," she says with a youthful smile. "We have to get up for school anyway. See you at breakfast!"

She closes the door and her footsteps echo through the halls of the house.

Aww crap, school.

Tetsuya flies out the door and hurries to his bike as quickly as he can. Even when waking up early he still had a tendency to be late to class. The last thing he needed was to be chewed out by Yuko, the class representative, again. He pedals his way down the sidewalk, going so fast that he thinks he'll break the bike chain. The breeze is calming but also uncharacteristically cold. In fact the weather was a little too chilly to be normal. Wasn't it pretty hot the last time he was on his bike? Which should've been yesterday, a school day, right? But wait a minute. He specifically remembered Mizutani-sensei wishing his class a happy spring break. That's right, he was on spring break! So then why did his sister tell him that they had school? In light of these developments Tetsuya brakes to think. He gazes inquisitively out towards the street and notices that there weren't any cars or people around. He's surrounded in an unnerving silence.

What the hell is going on?

"There you are Tetsuya!" calls a familiar voice in an almost motherly tone.

He turns his head behind him to see Yuko Kururugi, from his class. Her fire red hair offset her blue eyes but complimented her red outfit: a red t-shirt that showed her midriff, rose colored shorts, and black stockings.

"We've been looking everywhere for you!" she says in a less concerned and more angry tone.

"Looking for me? What? Why were you looking for me? Who's we?" he asks.

"Are you kidding me? You don't remember anything?"

"Am I supposed to? What's going on?"

"Dammit Tetsuya! This is all your fault! You always have to try and be the goddamn hero don't you? You never listen to a word that anyone says and you just screw over everyone!" she screams.

"Screaming's not going to do him any good Yuko. The Resetters got to him," speaks a rather cold voice from behind.

Tetsuya turns around yet again to see Kazuo Miura who was also from his class and not wearing his school uniform. Instead he looks pretty beat up, with various scratches on his face and a couple open wounds. He's outfitted in a battered navy blue jacket over a black hoodie and sported torn black jeans. His normally untouched black hair was a bit messy. But his icy blue eyes remained the same.

"Miura? Hey what's going on?" Tetsuya asks.

Annoyed by his bewilderment, Kazuo ignores him and instead addresses Yuko.

"We have to get going. I don't think everyone else can hold out for too long," Kazuo says. He had the same nigh-expressionless tone for every situation.

"But why are you here?" Yuko asks.

"The others were worried after you had been gone for such a long time. We were in the middle of deciding on who should go find you before one of the Angels attacked. I held it off for a bit until I was chosen to seek you out," he says, pausing for a bit. "I see you found the idiot so there's no reason to waste time here anymore."

"Hey come on, there's no need to be mean. I'm standing right here you know!" Tetsuya says.

Kazuo turns his head to finally acknowledge him. "Yeah well, we've got a huge problem on our hands because of you," he says. He turns to Yuko and says "Come on. We're heading back."

Tetsuya climbs on the seat of his bike to follow Yuko and Kazuo but is stopped by Yuko.

"Don't bother. That thing's way too slow. Here," she says as she leans forward. "Get on my back. I'll carry you."

"Um, okay…" Tetsuya says hesitantly. He slowly climbs atop Yuko's back, unsure if she could even support his weight, let alone run faster than his fastest biking speed.

"Alright, let's go," Kazuo says not a second before disappearing from Tetsuya's eyesight, whose jaw drops in wonder.

What the hell is going on?!

"Hold on tight Tetsuya," Yuko says. Her feet rise off the ground and she quickly flies off into the air with Tetsuya on her back.

She was definitely much faster than his bike. The wind didn't even blow his hair into his face. They flew so fast that their hair simply whipped about behind them. Below he could see Kazuo in what appeared to be a full sprint. The thing was, he was moving so fast Kazuo's limbs seemed like nothing but blurs. None of this made any sense. Kazuo has super speed? Yuko can fly? Without wings even? And what were they talking about earlier? What Angel? And who were the others? More people from his class? And what did he screw up so bad that got everyone mad at him? This was even more surreal than the nightmare he had earlier.

In the distance, Tetsuya notices a commotion on the ground. A bunch of dots were engaged in a rumble at the local park it seems. As they got closer he noticed that there were four dots ganging up on a slightly larger dot. A small light gathered at the center of one of them and produced lightning that was clearly aimed for the large one but misses and instead, tears through the sky.

"Alright, stay calm. I'm going in for the landing!" Yuko tells him.

He held her tighter as she swoops down onto the scene. Landing, she throws him off her back and he lands clumsily, vocalizing his pain as he hits the ground.

"Stay here and don't do anything. I mean it!" Yuko says as she runs to join the fray. Now that he was up close, he could see the entire scene. A muscular humanoid creature that stood large and imposing at about twelve feet tall was throwing punches and kicks at a bunch of students from his homeroom class as they circled around it!

So they are all my classmates. At least I got that right.

The creature was completely white with no real discernable features. Its face was completely smooth and its cross shaped eyes and the and wide, close lipped smile seemed painted on, like decorations. The whole thing looked rather uncanny.

"I guess this is the Angel," he said to himself as he stands up and brushes the dirt off his school uniform.

Out the corner of his eye he saw a light. He turns his head and to see the resident nerd, Hideaki Yagami, with his hand outstretched as electricity gathers on his finger. He shoots off a bolt from his finger like a gun, this time, hitting the Angel square in the chest. As it stumbles backwards, two of the students circling it, Kazuo and Josuke Fujita, the school's star baseball player, decide to go on the offensive. Kazuo kicks at its knee, bending it inward, while Josuke leaps towards its head, baseball bat ready to swing. The Angel lets out a haunting wail which sends Josuke flying by pure force. He's launched backwards and tumbles right next Tetsuya who helps him up.

"You okay Josuke?" Tetsuya asks.

"Hey, if it ain't the main event! Glad to see you're safe," he replies jovially.

"What's going on here?" he asks.

"Damn. Those Resetters must've hit you hard. I'll fill you in after I kick this guy's ass," he says as he picks up his baseball bat and sprints back to action.

"Wow, he's about as fast as Kazuo!"

Hideaki left his position in favor of getting in closer range of the Angel. "Josuke, I'll need you to build up enough water to cover this one. He only has one good leg thanks to Kazuo so we should be able to keep him away from you. Ai, hold him down! Takashi, blind him!"

"Got it!" the two exclaim.

Wow, is Hideaki the leader or something? He's usually so quiet and withdrawn. This is the loudest I've ever heard him.

Ai, who was known to be a major girly girl, was covered in cuts and scratches like the rest of them. It was enough to make her seem unrecognizable to Tetsuya. The Angel is still screaming and clutching its injured leg as Ai makes a dash between its legs. One of its arms lifts to throw a right hook towards Ai. Before it connects, Takashi runs in with an arm outstretched and open hand. The hand produces brilliant flash that interrupts the Angel's sight and subsequently, the course of the fist. Underneath the Angel, Ai put her hands to the grass which crawls up the beast's legs in a winding manner.

"Josuke, you ready?" Hideaki asks. Josuke gave an affirmative signal. "Alright, you guys know what to do!"

Ai and Takashi got out of the way as Josuke, who had dropped his bat so that he could build up a mass of water in his hands, releases a torrent on the Angel. Yuko swooped in from above unleashes a fierce gale while Kazuo runs in and lunges for the large monstrosity's neck. He wraps both hands around it as a cold frost envelops it.

"And here's the kill," Hideaki says before launching the final bolt of lightning at the Angel, which shatters into a rain of ice crystals.

"Freaking finally," exclaims Ai. "Is it just me, or are these Angels getting tougher?"

"It's definitely not just you. Man, what a pain in the ass," Josuke says, picking up his bat and cracking his neck.

The group makes their way over to Tetsuya, who is quivering in excitement and anxiety.

"That was totally crazy! All those crazy moves and those powers. I'm so lost but so astounded at the same time! Man, I don't even know what to say!"

"How about 'sorry for being an idiot jackass'?" Yuko proposes.

Taking another look around, Tetsuya notices that no one else is celebrating their victory. In fact, they've all got their most hostile expressions on, except for Takashi.

"Um…Sorry for being an idiot jackass? Well, that's what I'd like to say, but it's hard to be sorry when I don't even know what I'm apologizing for. No one even bothered to let me in on what's up. I wake up this morning and my sister tells me we have school, but I surely remember being on spring break. And then there's no one in the street on my way to school, and a monster attacks, and Yuko can fly, and…"

"Wait, Tetsuya, did you say, your sister told you we have school?" Takashi asks.

"Yeah, Kei, my little sister."

No one but Takashi can bear to look Tetsuya in the eyes.

"Those bastard Resetters got him hard. Damn it all!" Josuke says.

Takashi places his hand on Tetsuya's shoulder tells him, "Tetsuya, Kei's dead. She's been dead for seven years."