Anthology of a Melancholy Soul

Summary- collection of musings, lyrical whims, and thoughts that my heart possesses. Rating is M due to the nature of where these poems may lead. It's for safety reasons. May reduce it later, if needed be.

One- Paranoia

My heart drowns in an ocean of fears,
my soul reigns supreme in a land of isolation,
and I here I am, once again,
wiping away these bloody tears from my eyes,
the crimson staining my very being,
if only my mind could rest,
if only these thoughts could remain dead,
but instead,
they choose to resurrect,
haunt me, rape me, chain me,
hold me prisoner.
Only you can rescue me,
hurry, save me,
or, not... that's okay,
I'll stay here, chained to my own mind,
and continually bleed.