Prologue: Fifteen Years Earlier

Kitee, North Karelia, Finland

The doors to the empty warehouse burst open as a couple on a fast moving motorbike raced out. The woman kept looking behind her as the driver, a man, gassed it even more. Her eyes were wide with fear.

"Faster, Raffu!" she screamed as three dark shapes darted out of the warehouse.

Raffu chanced a look behind him. The beasts were rapidly approaching them. He grabbed his gun from his waistband and fired two shots at the beasts. They fell back for only a moment, then charged forward.

He had spent much of his life attempting to end this species and had been quite successful at it. In a few seconds, that success had ended. His entire group of Hunters had been killed. It was remarkable that he and his wife, Maarja, had made it alive. He gave the bike more gas. Surely, this baby had some more power!

"Raffu!" Maarja screamed again.

Raffu looked out of the corner of his eye. The beasts were now within a few metres of the couple. Having four legs provided the creatures with more of an advantage than the couple on the motorbike had. He knew that they were fast, but had not been aware that they were this fast.

He could see their dark glowing eyes as they galloped on either side of the bike. He looked around for some sort of break in the circle, but none could be found. Maarja's grip around him tightened as the truth became known.

They were going to die.

"I love you, my sweet," she whispered as the beast jumped on the bike and pulled them to the pavement.

Raffu rushed to reload his gun. He pointed it at the beast that was attacking Maarja and fired. The beast let out a yelp as the bullet entered its' brain. It gave one final twitch before dying. The rest of the beasts disappeared into the shadows.

Bleeding from several places, Maarja got to her feet.

Raffu ran over to his wife. "Are you okay?"

Maarja looked herself over. "Yeah, I think so." She stared into the shadows. "They're not gone. They will come back for us."
Raffu nodded in agreement. "Let's get out of here before they get the chance." He put his arm around Maarja's waist.

Maarja nodded. "Yeah, we need to report this anyway." She allowed her husband to lead her away.

The couple was almost back to the abandoned bike when the growling began. They went on alert as they attempted to determine where the noise was coming from. Both now had their guns out and were ready to fight when the time came.

Before either of them had a chance to fire, the beasts were upon them and had them both in a dangerous position.

"Say goodbye, Hunter," a beast growled at Raffu before delivering the deathblow.

Maarja screamed as she saw her husband's life end. Soon her screams were cut off as she went to meet her Maker.

Picture credits: "OcreanSet" by SomberNocturna © 2013. Used with permission.

Text credits: "Omega" by AlysonSerenaStone © 2013. Content may not be copied without permission from AlysonSerenaStone.