I have dylsia and i may make spelling errers now and agen.

I'm new to writing fanfition press stories.

i use to writing story on the website.

so please beare with me well i write this story.

thank you.

My email address that I to use to have as been deleted by Yahoo .

I have to start over on fanfiction press.

i have wrote those stories below on the under the pen name littleh121.

Apologue for not able to finsh the long lost friend found agen and lost story.

1) Cagney and Lacey take a trip to the uk .

2) Cagney and Lacey living in the uk.

3) Cagney and lacey go to court .

4) Cagney and lacey go hourse riding.

5) Cagney and lacey standing on the side line.

6) The suprise visiter that comes to the rescure.

7) Booking the well deserved holiday .

8) The well deserved holiday.

9) The engagement.

10) False wedding plans.

11) On the wild side.

12) The very short holiday.

13) Animal business.

14) Playing detactives.

15) The short get away.

16) The long lost friend found agen.

17) The long lost friend found agen and lost.

18) The spy that comes the client burn notice story .