You're a thief, you have no soul.

You stole my boyfriend. You're popular at school.

You look cool with the clothes and the claque

They like you for your money and racks

Honey, uncover your eyes.

What Daddy told you is a lie.

You're not perfect, you make mistakes.

Arrogance don't look good on that Crayola face.

The truth is, now you find

Really a giant web of lies

You got what you deserved.

Seventeen and pregnant; your ego's burned

Your boyfriend left you, now I'm relieved.

Poor you stole him from lucky me.

Thank you for showing me his bad sides

Now it's your turn to open your eyes

You're not perfect, you made a mistake.

You see your impact on the human race

It's too late to see the light.

You were already trapped by your own life

It's a mess; a web of lies

Begging for mercy at my feet,

You look pathetic, you betrayed me.

We were best friends until you sold me out

You did this to yourself.

The drones you called friends turned their backs

When you ran out of cash

For the first time in your life,

You're living a life of strife.

I'm laughing on the sidelines.

Karma bit hard on your backside.

I may have a shred of sympathy for what he did to you,

But you deserved it, sorry, it's true.

You got caught in a lie.

Daddy's and yours and your boyfriend's, oh my!

You're scared your kid will make the same mistakes.

You wish you hadn't done them in the first place.

You wanna go back in time,

Untangle yourself from the web of lies.