Shaddow's Last Stand

"What's happening to me?" asked Kire Von
As she gawked at the rocks she had fallen on.
A cut was visible on her knee,
But what was happening just couldn't be!

The stone had changed her, of that she was sure.
Was this her destiny the legends of lore?
She headed to Grandulon, the city under the sea,
Where Kire discovered she had powers much different than you or me.

Kire found a new home, not in water, but on land,
And found a sidekick working at a newspaper stand.
Danny Breacher was and extraordinary boy
Who manipulated electric as if it were a toy.

Kire then got a job as a teacher,
And in her class was Danny Breacher.
But Shaddow lurks in the stillness of night,
Aqueen and Motas must rush to the fight.

As agile as the water from where she came,
Aqueen would defeat this Shaddow again!
She would make sure Shaddow got licked,
With a little help from her sidekick.

The Shaddow crept and crawled like a slippery snake,
To it, causing mayhem was a piece of cake.
He snuck up on the duo, caught them unaware,
one minute they had been alone, the next he was there.

Shaddow threw dark bands at Aqueen, Swish!
He missed at first, but then hit her wrist.
Motas jumped into action using electric daggers.
One grazed the Shaddow and caused him to stagger.

Unfortunately the bands had done their work,
He knew who Aqueen was when she wasn't a superjerk.
Shaddow leapt to the ground with a sinister laugh,
And snatched a student that was in his path.

The Shaddow spoke for the first time in his life
With a voice that cut like a butcher's knife,
"You thought I could sink no lower, for that you are a fool!
Now I shall hurt one of your students from school!"

Shaddow was about to give the student his kiss of death,
When Aqueen made a sacrificial request.
"Put the kid back, take me instead."
As it reached for Aqueen, she accepted her fate bowing her head.

The Shaddow cackled and took careful aim,
But Motas acted quickly, they were still in the game.
Motas gave Shaddow an electric shower
At the same time Aqueen used Neptune's power.

The Shaddow was wet and shocked, quite a bit
But he wouldn't be defeated by two little twits!
The hero took off, Shaddow followed ar a run,
Until she led him straight into the sun.

The Shaddow stood still, a look of shock on his face,
Then it disintegrated without a trace.
Shaddow was gone; it left no fingerprints.
Thanks to Aqueen and Motas everyone's lives could return to a child's innocence.

AN: Yes, I spelled Shaddow wrond on purpose.