Alone in darkness

I was asleep but now I am awake I find myself surrounded in darkness alone in a silence like I have never known before.

In this dark silence I heard a voice this voice was soft and sweet, tender and kind and yet I could not see from whence it came nor could I hear where it came from.

This voice called to me and I tried to follow but the closer I got the softer the voice became in till it seemed that the voice came from whence I came.

I gave up in despair but the voice told me not to lose hope and behold I saw a light in the distance and from this light I saw a person in the distance.

I could not tell if this person was an angel or demon for their eyes glowed with a fiery red anger but I could tell that this persons smile had a kindness that told me everything would be all right.

He said to me "sleep my friend for when you awake all will be as it should be" to this I said to him " who are you" which he replied "I'm a memory nothing more" and with that he disappeared in a bright light.

And that was when I truly awoke and I asked myself was that all a dream and nothing more. When out of the corner my eye I saw in the distance for just a second a pair of red eyes glowing in the darkness and I knew I was not alone in darkness.