Hey Mr. Racist, is it fun to judge others?
We all start off equally; coming out of our Mothers,
We look for Luck and Joy in our Lives.
I know you think different, see the World with different Eyes.
But let me tell you, we're actually all the same,
We all carry hope, pride, love and blame.
We may be individuals, but we love in the same Way.
So does it really matter if we're straight or Gay?
Does it really matter if we're white or not?
It only matters what's inside and what you got,
In your heart and in your Mind.
So Please understand, you just have to be Kind, so give me your Hand.

Hey Mr. Racist , don't confuse Terrorism with Religion.
'Cause after all, there's one god that we all believe in.
And don't judge Atheists, I don't care what you say.
Judge them by their Actions, not to who they pray.
You say we're all different, but I don't get what you mean.
When I look at an Asian, I tell you what I see:
Two Eyes, one Mouth, one Nose, two Ears,
Sometimes, a Smile; Sometimes Tears.
Same thing I see when I look at Africans, Americans, Europeans, Australians.
Same thing I see even when I look at you.
Listen to me carefully, you know it's true.

Hey Mr. Racist, none of us is perfect, we all make mistakes.
But we also know how little Effort it takes,
To be kind and accepting of each other.
So open your Eyes, and walk with me Brother,
To a World you may not yet know.
A world of Acceptance, so let your hatred go.
Black or white; old or young; Man or Woman; we all want to have fun.
Jew or Muslim; Christian or Atheist; we just want to be happy, keep trying our best.
Gay or straight; fat or thin; will you realize, diversity is no Sin?
Different Countries, different cultures, different Dreams, different Faces. We love each other in every way.
Some come and join us, hey Mr. Racist.