The screams of agony, terror, and mercy were getting old as the new king of Marble City checked over all the symbols and lit candles. He'd performed this ritual enough times to do it in his sleep but that didn't mean he should ever drop his guard or get sloppy. Demonic summoning rituals could go very, very wrong if incorrectly performed. The brown haired teenage boy did not seem to be slowing in his pleas for freedom. The king, Lokken, walked up to the squirming strung up sacrifice to inspect the flow of blood running down his punctured arms and legs. The dark red drips of his essence were, indeed, landing in the right spot making the king give a small sigh of relief. Slowly he walked back to a relative safe distance before brushing his thick black hair out of his eyes. He knew the scripture word by word but held the summoning scroll in his hands anyway – as a safety blanket.

The dank underground chamber was as gloomy as always, with the central blackened marble pool holding the ritualistic syrupy dark waters. The mortified thief who had merely stole some food in the city, proved to be a suitable sacrifice as his blood continued to drip into the almost hungry waters below.

"Please my king! I'm sorry! I'll never steal again," the aged child cried out with meagre hope that his words would have any effect at all. The black cloaked necromancer ignored him while motioning a circular pattern with his hands. The thief suddenly seemed to be in ten times as much pain as he writhed upwards, pulling on the hooks skewered in his limbs. Lokken started muttering quietly and calmly while pulsating his hands in the direction of the teenager.

A rumbling deep within the earth seemingly directly below the agonised thief steadily grew louder and louder until the syrupy thick waters within the circular pool erupted upwards engulfing him completely. Lokken calmly placed his hands in front him as he waited for the theatrical view to die down. After a few seconds the black water receded back into the pool and replacing the thief was a hooded skeletal figure with glowing yellow eyes.

"What news of my brother, wraith?" the necromancer queried with interest.

The young prince remains elusive to our touch. He has become resilient and lacks fear of us.

The king clenched his fists slightly while turning his back on the demonic creature to control the growing anger within him.

"He has been exposed to you too much demon. Your influence is next to nothing now. What use do I have for redundant beings? Re-summoning you is becoming something of a chore," Lokken spat while smoothing his long hair back. "You promised me, you could return him here unharmed."

He wields the immortal's shining blade. He cannot embrace my touch while it is in his hands… but there is another way.

The necromancer king paused to think before turning around rapidly to face the cloaked wraith with anger in his eyes.

"You had better speak fast demon. I have half a mind to send you back to the devils."

The prince has acquired a corruptive item, the Ring of Carnage. With it in his possession, my kind's influence will be unhindered. We will claim him necromancer.

"Your words give me nothing but false hope demon. No, I cannot trust you to do the job alone. I fear my knowledge in the necromancy arts is stagnating. I have exhausted Maurius's supply of books and now I feel I must retrieve the Necromancer's tome that he was so adamant about." There was a brief pause as the charred skeletal creature stared at him with narrowed eyes. "If you wish to retain sanctuary here in this realm demon, you will find this ancient book for me and then hound my misguided brother until he comes back to me," the king growled before wiping away the thief's blood lingering on his hands.

The tome resides in the ruins of the ancient necromancer Bulgurius's tower. It is guarded by the time wizard Krit and kept in place by the Ring of Holiness. You will need a soul of purity to remove the ring before you claim the tome, necromancer.

Lokken's eyes narrowed as a smile graced his pale long face. Slowly he bowed his head while rubbing his forefinger and thumb together in thought.

"Excellent then... I believe its time this king, and his royal guard went on a quest," he announced almost excitedly.

(Author's Notes)

Howdy All. Cheers for reading the next instalment of my story. If you're interested in this story but feel you've been thrown into the deep end, I'd suggest you read my first story in this series: The Carnage of Acts which will give the background and explain why everything is happening. I started writing it a long time ago so it needs to be edited and worked on a bit to make it run a bit smoother but in time I hope it'll be of decent quality. Thanks all