I stood on the cusp and looked over the sea

It was dark and turbulent and mystery was its heart

I longed for it to hold and be held by it this mystery and depth

So I waded into waters whose cold grew to warmth

The violence turned to soothing and the cacophony to melody

I became the waters piece by piece

Piece by piece I faded

Then I saw an island in the distance

It glowed in the setting sun and I heard again the sound of the shore

I remembered the feel of sand and wind

So I went there to the island

To my dismay the island did not know me,

Though I tried it could not hold me nor see me

I cried to the ending sky for relief and for form

It laughed at me and I saw the sea and sky were one

So I turned to the island and threw my waters upon its shores

I was alone and no waters hid me and I was afraid

Then the son warmed me through the sky

The earth held me through the waters

I become of the land again step by step

Step by step I draw closer to my first love