Chapter 1:

'So much for my night off. I knew I shouldn't have listened to that loud mouth blond! Damnit! Sigh. "Oh stop groaning will you Cheri?" My, annoying, best friend turned to me and said. "You needed to get out of that cramped apartment!"

Annoyed I held in my temper as best as I could, grinding my teeth together I managed to say, "I was working on my piece quietly, before you barged in... Mia..." She rolled her eyes. Oh how I wished I could have slapped her then, but she was right. I did need to get out, better then lighting my apartment on fire from frustration.

I just wished I knew where I was going till she shoved me down some sketchy looking stairs. Into a huge room of people crowded around a pit. Wow. Where did all the intelligence go? She pushed me into the group, then grabbed my hand and dragged me to her new "flavor of the month". He was a cool guy, but he should know what he got into dating her and her "month long" rule. That. No. Guy. Caught. On.

"There he is! Kyle! Come on Cheri! Don't trail behind!" I just sighed and continued to walk behind her, after she let go of my hand, not wanting to see her "hello" with flavor number 5 'Gross.' I looked around and saw that people were grabbing money and placing bets. I wonder what it is all about. 'Hell. Watch it be a chicken fight like the ones back home.' I giggled to myself until I got pushed. And fell on my ass. 'Ouch!'

"Hey watch where you're going Asshole!" I shouted at the jerk who pushed me. "Ha! Watch where you're going you-", I was about to kick him, when two strong arms pulled me up, and pulled me into an even stronger chest. 'Oh. Dear. God.' The ass-wipe that pushed me looked scared, "Uh. S-sorry mate... D-didn't know s-she was with y-you." Then he ran off like a bat out of hell. Serves that ass right! But what I failed to notice was everyone in the room was staring at me. I looked down at myself to see if mud or dirt got on me but nothing was there. Just plain dark blue skinny jeans, and my guns and roses tank, with a black beanie on. Hipster I know sigh.

Then I looked up. And what a surprise I got! Not. There he was, mister tall, like really tall! Maybe 6'2? Dark, Cali born tan almost, and drop dead gorgeous, well from what all the screeching girls where saying, messy black hair, that just makes him he did the "deed" but it still looked right. Tattooed, showing off Japanese designs on his arms and writing on his chest that said "destruction begets creation." God people always talked about. Oh how I hear about him from many of the girls at school, he was the "great" Dragon himself. Tate Hazard. Doting a black v-neck that showed off his ink, washed out dark blue jeans that hung on his waist.

He looked down at me, which was annoying. I hate being 5'4, his eyes dark as midnight, with hints of blue. Looking into my ice green ones, yes ice green. Runs in my mother's side. I managed to get out of his grasp only to be grabbed again. By him. I looked at him, "I'm guessing you want a thanks huh?" He didn't say anything only stared. "Uh... Well... Thanks." I bowed my head slightly, cause of my upbringing... Sigh. Causing my dark brown pink-dipped hair to fall over my shoulders, and tried to walk away but his grip got tighter.

Then he started to walk. Dragging me along. Great... Again. So much for my night off! "Uh hey! If I pissed you off I mean I could somehow pay you or I don't know-"
"Cheri!" I looked to see Mia and Kyle pushing passed people to get to me. "Mia! Kyle!" Then I was yanked into Hazard's chest again... Yay...not really. He smelled like holster. Yuck, not my cup of tea, I prefer old spice. He looked to where I shouted and stood still, still holding on to my hand, and looked at Kyle in the eyes. Now mind you Kyle is about 6ft but compared to Hazard. He looked... Well a bit shorter, but not built like "Mr. Dragon" here either. Then he spoke. "She with you?" His voice sounded pissed or was it just my imagination? Cue in sponge bob moment. Kyle tried not to look timid but that shot to hell. "Yea she's with-" Mia pushed in front of him, "Me! Sorry I thought I had her but I guess not... Hehe." Mia saved Kyle there. Hazard just looked at Kyle again then looked down at me. Then back at Kyle. "I think I'll take 'it' from here." "It" being me... That ass who does he think he is! Kyle just stood there, Mia spoke up, "Uh? She's with me." Hazard looked at Mia. Now she's taller than me by 5 inches. So she didn't look too intimidated... Much?

"Hn." He eyed Kyle again, "Watch her next time." And he left. Mia looked at me, "What the hell was that!" I looked to his moving figure dominating the crowd, "Beats me." Oh how I wished I knew what would happen next

After that we all managed to get closer to the stage. I don't think thing's safe to be standing on. There was chair. It was huge and it was closer to where we were standing, and had a microphone sitting on its seat. Then out came a dude. Grabbing the mic he began to yell into it. Hn, shot my ears to hell and back. "Welcome to the pit! This isn't Narnia! So get your ass in check!"
"Where does this guy get his lines from... I'm scared to find out." I heard a chuckle from Kyle, "What?" He leaned down to speak into me and Mia's hearing range, "That's Adam. He calls the shots here."

I looked at this Adam. He looked like a Justin Timberlake wannabe. "He doesn't look that scary to be running this kind of thing," Mia said into Kyle's ear. "Yea but he's got the brains to keep it in check." I just sighed, and the JT impersonator continued. "You lot better have gotten your bets in! Cause here we go!" I could hear, more like feel, girls around us squealing with their annoying high pitched voices; "We made it in time!"

I rolled my eyes, Mia caught it to. Amused at my annoyance, "Hey I saw that missy!" I shooed her, "Yea Yea Yea." Then music started to blast out of the speakers, "Here he is! The man we all know! Guys stomp your boots! Lady's keep it your pants!" I snorted. "Here he is! Tate "Dragon" Hazard!" Then I choked on my spit.