Chapter 3: Rumors

When we pulled up and got out I could feel everyone's stares. I grabbed Mia and whispered, "Why are they looking at us? I thought the whole foreigner thing was over?" She looked at me and bite her lip.

I knew it was bad news. "Mia. What's wrong?" She sighed. "People saw the picture of you and Tate... And he posted on twitter that... You..." I grabbed her arms, "That me...what?!" She sighed again, "Tate said you and him are a thing... And that no one is allowed to touch you."

My mouth dropped. And I let it all out. "That cabrón! Who does he think he is! Que la madre estúpida-" Mia pulled her hands up, "Whoa there chicka! No need for the Spanglish to come out." I got more annoyed. "Really? Realmente?"

She started to giggle, knowing that she loses it when I start to let my dad's side out. "Don't be laughing!" People started to look at us more. I sighed, "Great... Just great." Mia put her arm around me and we walked. "Just keep your head up."

After the not-so-helpful pep talk from Mia, I went to class. Just walking through the hallways I could hear people talk. "That's her! No way Tate would go for that!" "She's not even that pretty." "I hear she came here out of pity. I mean look at her." I could feel myself going back to when I was in high school and hearing the same things over and over. As everything was happening I stepped into my first and only class. Art.

I sit in the back next to the windows, so when our hippie professor starts to ramble about life and how she was hanging out with other "artists" like her. Blah blah blah. Me personally I tune her out and start to doodle and my sketch book, today I'm doing a bird cage, and a withering flower inside. Dark and depressing, I know, but I enjoy drawing the deep stuff so…shut up! "Miss. Guerrero? Miss. Guerrero?" I looked up to see my professor staring at me along with the whole class, "uh? Yes?" She smiled, I noticed she was wearing a brow shirt that had bleach stains, and washed out jeans, and her hair was in these really cool dreads with a white and black feather hanging down from one of them. See hippie, well not really today but you should see her on Mondays. Whoa man.

"Glad to see that you're with us." The class laughed, and I laughed nervously. "Now as I was saying. You all are going to be giving me your full portfolios by the end of this semester. I understand most of you are just taking this class to do something but there are some", she stared straight at me…great, "-that take this seriously. So at least try ok?" The next class started to knock on the door. She clasped her hands together, "Well. Have fun!" I just stayed in my seat, cause like I said. This was my only class.

After the lecture I went into the halls in search of Mia's blond butt. As I did I could hear the conversations brewing around. The famous Tate Hazard with a foreigner who's basically nobody. I walked into the cafe, scanning for Mia. But I couldn't shake off the whole school looking at me. I started to walk towards our table, but it was overrun by what looks like Kyles friends, I caught his eye and he waved at me, I waved back. Going to him I couldn't see if Mia was there or not. "Yo Kyle. Where's Mia?" He shrugged, "I don't know where she ran off to. I thought she was meeting up with you." I sighed, "Nope. We were going to meet here then head back to hers." "Sorry mate." "Nah its fine. Thanks though." I tried to look for my saving grace again but gave up. I started to walk to the line when I felt a hand grab my arm and pull me into them.

I froze. Because I knew who's hard chest this was. I looked up, damn I really hate being short! -To see none other than Tate Hazard looking down at me with an amused grin. Just looking at how he was dressed I could see why girls swoon over him. He's wearing a plain black shirt covering the ink on his chest, but brought out the ones on his arms. Looking back at his face he had this boyish charm in that grin, I couldn't put my finger on why I felt nervous but I did. "Hello Mouse."

There goes that damn name! I puffed out my cheeks and pulled away. As I tried to walk away, I was spun around to look at him again. Still holding that grin, he spoke with a hint of amusement in his voice. "What? No hello?"

I huffed. "Why should I?" He chuckled hearing my annoyance must be humorous, jack-ass. Wrapping an arm around me and spoke in a husky tone, "Cause isn't that what couples are supposed to do?" He leaned down closer to my ear. "Right mouse." I could feel my ears going against me, I knew they were going red, I pushed him away and stormed off to the line, trying to salvage my crumbled pride. Grabbing my tray. I ignored the shocked voices and hushed tones from those in the lines who saw what happened. But my salvage was sadly broken by Hazard again. Pulling my arm so I could face him, "Oh come on love. Don't be like that." I rolled my eyes, "Hmmm? I think I should." Looking straight into his eyes, "Since the whole damn school thinks were a thing. When were no-" He covered my mouth with his finger. "And why not? I don't see a problem?"

I groaned in frustration. Slapping his hand away, "Well I do. I don't even know you. And you don't know me, you probably didn't even know I existed." He chuckled, "Everyone knows about the-" Then I snapped. "Foreigner? Yea I know that's the only reason why." I pushed his chest. Why does it have to be so solid?!

"If this is some sort of joke to make fun of the petty foreigner, you better just back the fuck off." I started to walk away but then I stopped and looked into his eyes, mine full of anger and disgust, while his was full of confusion and shock. "Cause if you don't. Your lower then trash." Then I stormed out of the cafe. Hearing people, mostly the fan girls, yell rude things as I went.
"You bitch!"
"Ugly foreigner! You don't deserve to be here!"
"Petty foreigner! You're never going to be good enough for him!"

Once I got outside of the building I texted Mia telling her I had enough of this shit hole day. She tried calling me but I didn't pick up. I really just wanted to be alone. So I walked to the farthest bus stop away from campus, and got on. When I sat down in the back I pulled out my bangs to let them hang over my face, I closed my eyes trying to forget what happened. And the memories that came with it.

After about 30 minutes the bus stopped at my street and I got off, climbing up the stairs I felt my phone go off, I looked and it was him. That jerk, he has no fucking clue or understanding. I let it ring, and ring and ring. Looking at it, I missed 2 calls from Mia and 5 from him, pulling out my keys I walked inside my apartment. Once inside I turned my phone to the do not disturb setting. Going to my radio I plugged in my iPod, blasting my go to band Paramore to kingdom come. All I could hear was Hailey Williams singing out "Ignorance" in my apartment. I thought the song was fitting to today, the saying ignorance is bliss is bullshit right now. Moving towards my drawing area I stripped of my sweater, and threw on my plaid paint covered shirt that I always wear when I'm in a mood.

Throwing random colors onto my palette and grabbing a random brush, I began to brush random lines, matching the anger and pain I felt with the lyrics of the song. Some would end up thick and rugged to thin and incomplete.

After going through "Ignorance" to "Playing God" ending with a song off their new album "I'm not angry anymore". I stepped back and looked, I ended up with an abstract painting with the pigments going towards the emotion of rage then slowly turning into hurt. I put everything down and took off the shirt putting a clean shirt I got from my high school band, yes I was a band nerd as well. The viola if you must know.

Laying down on my couch, the music changed to "Misguided Ghosts" which calmed my mood down slightly. But in all, I was pissed. Tired. Annoyed. An also hungry. Eventually I got up and grabbed an apple, cutting it up into slices I ate it along with some peanut butter. After that, laid back down and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was hell. I woke up to the sound of my door being slammed upon. Great. I got up, and padded down the hall. Nearing the door the knocks got louder and louder, I looked at the clock near the door and saw that it was only 7. Peering through the peephole I stopped.

It. Was. Tate Madison.