Authors Note

Hi this is my first try at publishing online and I hope you enjoy my serendipitous finding of this site can you please read and leave a review but please leave helpful comments.

On the stormy night in which it started a gale was brewing and an icy chill was tearing through the country, everyone had sought shelter apart from one person who had staggered through the howling wind to a house in the centre of a dark wood.

This house had been deserted for 10 years and ivy had been let wild making it invisible to a passer-by unless you knew what you were looking for.

I stepped into the clearing that surrounded moonlight manor and I saw a decayed yet stunning house. I stepped closer to the lone house and I noticed that the door was slightly open. This sent shivers down my spine. I stepped into the house and saw the massive domed roof loom over my head ominously. Despite being abandoned it had some very recent history.

The last owner of the house Sir Jonathan Smith had asked the builders to remodel the mansion so he could move in but before the builders could finish Sir Jonathan vanished. That was 10 Years ago many search party's had been organised but he was never found so he was presumed dead. Many locals think that the fabled night howler had killed him but the papers said it was his brother. George smith.

After I had rose to fame and George had heard of me from other inmates he had arranged a meeting in his high security prison to meet me. I remembered that conversation well because that was the last conversation George Smith would ever have.

He was killed in his cell with his throat ripped out and claw marks across his chest, people blamed his enemy's and others blamed the night howler.

October 29th 1898

I had just arrived at By-Stream manor and entered and I was shocked to find the door open, as I entered I felt a sudden chill as if someone had walked past me but I had just dismissed it as the wind. There was two sets of staircase on both sides of the hallway and a double door in-between them, going off my training I decided to go in through the double doors. I thought that all the furniture would have decayed over the last couple of years but they were actually in good condition, almost new.