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A thick cloud of smoke curled slowly upwards, soon joined in the thin layer of preexisting smoke created in the thick, putrid atmosphere of the dark cab; putrid because of numerous drunken setbacks and one baby delivery. A Cheshire smile curled upwards on the face of the rider, a seductive contrast against the lightless background. To the face which it belonged, beautiful even in the dimness. An anxious taxi driver glanced back every so often in the rearview mirror, trying to hide his fear. Between the two, a stifling stillness - a silent standoff transpiring between them.

"I don't see the problem," the young rider said, her voice soft in tonality but firm all the same. "If I'm paying you to drive my ass around, you can handle some smoke." Her voice drawled out, and she caught the driver's gaze. "Makes for a bigger tip." She winked slyly at the taxi driver, and then broke the gaze. Classical music, the choice of the rider, softly played over the radio. Light posts shone softly into the windows of the cab.

The taxi driver hesitated, unsure of the way he should respond. "Well ma'am," his voice was deep, a rumbling sort, with a heavy accent accommodating most New Yorker's. The rider arced a slim eyebrow up, intrigued to hear what the other speaker had to say. "It ain't that ya got the smoke comin' outta there. It's that I can't breathe. Can ya roll a window down, er somethin'?" His eyes locked once again with the riders, then immediately turned away, discomfort etched on every line of his face.

"Tell me, hoss," the woman said, that eyebrow still arced in curiosity. "Why is it that you won't sit still? I know it isn't because of this." She gestured toward the cigar, and then lifted it to her ruby red lips, taking a good and long puff on it, this time making sure to keep the two gazes interlocked.

Once again, a stiff silence pervaded the air. The cab driver drove on, not bothering to delight the woman with an answer. She swung one leg over the other, crossed in a very ladylike fashion. "I would like to know," she continued, understanding that he was not going to negotiate with her. "What the problem is, that way it can be fixed." Her eyes sparkled, lit up by the passing lights as the car moved deeper into the city.

Another silence stifled the air.