Shinning Hearts


Action/ Adventure/ Fantasy/ Comedy/ Magical Girl


Fairy tales, mythical creatures, magic, the unknown, the mysterious, if it's unusual or isn't normal, then it's loved by one 15 year old, Kayla. Ever since she was a child, she has had a passion for the unusual and the extraordinary, and would love for her life to be exciting like many of the stories of adventure she's read about. However, nothing could have prepared her for the surprise that fate has in store for her. One day, she finds herself meeting a mysterious creature who's being attacked by a rather unusual monster. This chance encounter will bring forth a new power to the young Kayla, as she gains the power to transform into a magical girl! Now, gifted with this new power, Kayla, and a few others must now work together to fight and protect humanity from the threat of the Shadow Plane, as they seek to engulf the world in eternal despair! A new adventure of magic and friendship starts now, let the battle to protect the Earth's future begin!

Chapter 0: Pilot

Strange, that was the only word that could describe the tone of the area, completely and utterly unusual. The green trees stretched as far as the eye could see, appearing more like a sea of luscious green than the forest that it was. The sky overhead was utterly beautiful; it was as blue as the ocean, and there were was not even the slightest hint of a cloud anywhere. Resting gracefully in this exquisite sky was the golden ball of light that was the Sun, as it shinned its glorious rays of warmth onto the world below. This was truly a beautiful sight to behold. However, as beautiful as the scene seemed, there was truly something wrong with it, something almost disturbing.

Despite how vast the forest appeared, there was no sign of life whatsoever within it. There were no birds chirping happily in the branches, nor flying in the sky above. There was no sounds of any little insects singing their little tunes in the grass, no small animals running here and there. There were no larger animals grazing or hunting for a chance to find their next meal, no fish swimming in the various ponds, nothing. There was absolutely no life anywhere in this large forest…well, no life except for the strange figure darting through the trees.

Within this sea of trees, a mysterious being was making its way through the forest. And at the speed that it was moving, saying that it was simply moving was an understatement. In fact, it was moving so fast that it looked more like it was practically shooting itself through the trees. This figure wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon, as the second its feet touched the ground, it would have already propelled itself forward again. Wherever this being was going was unknown, but one thing could be said for certain; it was determined to get there.

After several more bounds, the figure suddenly stopped, but it was clearly not by choice, as the moment it stopped, it nearly collapsed onto the soft grass beneath it. The figure was nearly out of breath, as it placed a hand to its chest and attempted to calm its fiercely beating heart.

"No…not now…just a little…just a bit further," it panted, as it tried to stand, though this came with great difficulty, as the moment it made this attempt, it's legs almost betrayed it and nearly collapse themselves.

"Mai...please stop...," a small voice called from somewhere near the figure.

"You're pushing yourself too far," another small voice called out.

"It's okay Mai, we'll be alright," yet another one called out from apparently the same mysterious place.

"No...I'm alright...," the figure whispered into its clothes, as they had apparently regained its breath. Finding the strength to stand, the figure then staggered over to a tree, where it leaned up against for support, and only then when it leaned onto the tree and stepped into the light was it able to be seen. This mysterious being was a girl, a teenage girl to be exact; most likely along the age of fifteen. She was around the average height one would expect for a girl her age to be and was rather slim in terms of her physique. She had long blue hair that was currently put into a high ponytail and had blue eyes to go with them. As for attire, it was a rather unusual thing for one to see a girl in the forest, clad in. She was currently wearing a short blue dress that ended in a skirt that stopped a little bit before it reached her knees. Along with the dress, she also wore a light blue knee-length boots. Though it seemed like a rather unusual outfit to wear while moving quickly through the woods, the girl appeared to have no difficulties with it whatsoever.

Upon securing herself, the girl then attempted to peer off into the distance. At first she saw nothing, but then as she focused harder, she saw what she was searching for. Several yards away from where she stood, the figure saw several trees gathered in a rather choppy large circular formation. These trees were much different in appearance than the others. While the majority of the trees had leaves that were a healthy green in color, these trees had leaves whose colors were like that of a rainbow. No two leaves of a tree were the same, as they all came in different colors, each one in several shades and hues, they were a complete blanket of color. However, no matter how random the color pattern seemed, when one looked at all the leaves together, the effect of the multi-colored leaves together gave it quite a beautiful appearance. The leaves weren't the only thing different about these trees. While all the other trees's bark had a healthy brown color to their bark, these trees instead had an almost crystal-like coloring to their bark and the trees themselves were much thinner than the others. These trees were truly a strange and beautiful sight for anyone to behold.

"There it is...the Shinning Bridge," she sighed with obvious happiness in her words, as a bright smile soon spread across her face. As she stood up from the tree, she then pulled out something from within her pockets and held them lovingly in her hands. Looking down at the objects with utter happiness and joy, she then slowly curled her fingers around them and clutched them to her chest. "Don't worry...we're almost there." Just then, as she was about to make a break for the rainbow-leafed trees, she felt a familiar feeling of danger creeping up her shoulder and proceeded to jump into the branches of a nearby tree, just barely avoiding a red blast that had collided right where she previously stood. The moment the blast hit the ground, the sheer force of power behind it, caused a small explosion to erupt in front of her, sending dirt and debris flying.

Once the explosion had died down and the dust had cleared, her eyes then swept across the area, desperate to find her attacker. Seeing nothing on the ground, her eyes then shifted to the skies and it was then that she saw it. Hovering about thirty feet or so in the air, there was a strange blackish-purple dragon-like creature glaring down at her. What made it strange was that it was unlike anything one would have imagined a dragon would look like. It's body was more roundish in shape and appeared like it was actually a ball than a body. What's more is that its neck was also abnormally long, making its head appear to be more like a snake than a dragon. Then regarding its head, around the neck of this strange beast, there sat a mane like that of a lion. This was truly a bizarre creature to behold.

"No, they've found me," she cursed, as the dragon reeled its head back and let another blast loose at her. One which she was able to dodge by jumping from her perch and onto the ground. However, the moment her feet touched the ground, she quickly heard the sound of heavy hooves charging towards her. Diving to the right, she managed to dodge the charge of a creature that resembled a large black horse with gray spikes that started on its head and ran down its back, Hearing the sound of a tree crashing caused her to turn to her left and spot yet another dark beast entering the scene. This one resembling a large Golem with chains wrapped around its massive arms and legs. Though all three of these creatures differed greatly in their appearance, there was one disturbing trait that was similar among all of them, and that was that each had a mark in the shape of a black heart on their chest. Right where their heart should be.

Taking in all three of the creatures, one thought came to her mind; she was surrounded. "Damn it...we're so close," she mumbled furiously, as she looked over the situation again. The dragon had her covered from above, the horse was on her right, and the Golem on her left; blocking her path to the trees. Not one of them were budging in the least, they were waiting for her to make the first move. After taking in everything and going over the possibilities, Mai knew what she had to do.

Without any warning, she suddenly burst forward, cutting a path straight for the Golem. Seeing her approach it, the massive thing raised one of its fists and brought it down with thundering force. Anticipating this, she immediately swerved out of the path of the incoming attack and then jumped up to the beasts face. She then delivered a swift kick to the Golem's face, the force being so great that it caused it to tumble backwards before it finally crashed onto its back. Once the Golem was dealt with, she then continued forward once again broke into a dash towards the bridge. However, just like before, she found another obstacle standing in her way, this one came in the form of the horse dashing towards her at full speed. Stopping dead in her tracks, she then turned around and braced herself for the inevitable impact. Once the distance had been closed between them, she then grabbed onto its first two horns and pushed back against the beast, stopping it dead in its tracks.

"Alright, go now," she called out to someone, as she began pushing back with more force, as she felt the horse increase in its own pressure. Suddenly three lights emerged from within her pocket and floated around her.

"But we can't leave you," the pink light argued.

"That's right, we'll stay here and help you," the green light chimed in.

"We aren't going anywhere without you," the yellow joined in with its comrades.

"LISTEN TO ME," she yelled at the lights, causing them all to let out startled gasps as she continued. "Our world...there's nothing more we can do for it here...there's nothing left that we can do. That's why you all have to go through the bridge...that's why you all have to go to the other world! If you all can find the chosen warriors, then there'll still be a chance for us! There'll still be a chance we could save everyone! Don't you see, you guys are this world's final hope! And I won't let that hope disappear! NOW GO!"

After hearing her words, the lights proceeded to float there for a few more seconds before the green and orange began flying over in the direction of the rainbow trees, leaving the pink. After several more seconds went by, the pink light-almost reluctantly-left her as well and joined the other two. Seeing that they were doing as she said, a brief smile creeped onto her lips. However, this smile was short-lived, as she heard the dragon let out a terrible roar, as it started to dive straight for the lights.

"Oh no you don't," she exclaimed, as she gripped the horse's horns tighter and lifted up, pulling the horse right off the ground. She then begun to spin the horse around and around, building up her momentum. Once she had spun it a few times, she then released her grip on it, sending it on a collision course straight into the dragon. As the two began to fall towards the ground, she then used this opportunity to jump above them and deliver a powerful drop kick to the horse, causing the two to soar down from the sky and crash right onto the now standing Golem, as the three crashed onto the ground once more. Landing in a nearby tree, Mai looked down at the creatures, trying to see if they were going to get back up and try for a counterattack. They weren't, they were out cold.

Turning back in the direction the lights had departed in, she manage to catch them just as they passed into the circle of trees. Then, they were gone. She'd done it, she'd manage to carry out the Queen's final request, she'd manage to preserve their final hope...

Looking back in the direction she had come from, Mai saw a sight that caused her heart to swell up in pain. Out in the distance, far from where she was, there stood the castle of her kingdom. The castle that she grew up in and loved, the castle full of so many happy memories and people that she loved with all of her being. Yes, there stood the castle, but it was far from the castle that she remembered. It was no longer the shining beacon of hope and light that she once knew. The castle that she saw was now one of absolute darkness and despair, a place of true dread and terror. The sky and forest near the castle was the complete opposite of the one she was standing in now. The sky was blackish-blue with gray puffs of clouds hovering in the darkened skies, and the trees appeared as though they were withering away into death. What she was looking at wasn't her home, not anymore. What she was looking at, was now just another place conquered by the darkness. And worst of all, she could see that this dark scene was spreading, as more and more of the forest around her began to take the same appearance as the one near the castle.

Looking at the place she once called home and the state it had now been reduced to, Mai couldn't hold it in anymore, as a single tear slid down her face. Clenching her fists in pure anger, she then whispered

"I promise...my Queen...mother...father...everyone! I promise, I'll save our world no matter what!" As those words left her mouth, the sound of growling reached her ears, as she peered down into the forest around her and caught the glows of dozens of eyes looking up at her from behind the shadows. They'd sent reinforcements. Seeing the massive horde surrounding her, Mai then jumped down and made her way in front of the path that led to the rainbow trees. " Come at me with everything you've got, but know this...I will defend our hope...WITH EVERYTHING I'VE GOT," she yelled to the hidden creatures, as they sprung forth from the darkness and came upon her.