Chapter 1 Part 1: The Light and the Dark

Cold. Desolate. Unwelcoming. Dark. These were all words that could be used to describe the setting that laid out before the world. The land was barren with no signs of life sprouting from it in any shape or form. The sky reeked of despair and gloom, and not a single ray of light penetrated its dark veil. The wind would occasionally whip here and there, though it came out more as a ghostly wail than it did a sudden breeze.

And at the center of this dark and eerie place, there stood a group of individuals. The group consisted of eight cloaked individuals. One of them; the only one who stood in the very center of them all, was covered in a bizarre black cloak; bizarre being that the cloak appeared to be seething out a sort of black mist. Five of the figures; who stood around it, each wore a cloak consisting of a different color. One wore blue, another violet, then green, then yellow, and finally one with pink. And finally, the last two stood outside the circle the five light-colored cloaked beings had created, and both wore separate cloaks. One bearing a golden cloak, and the other with an almost shining white cloak. Though none of their faces could be seen, the tension between them all was thick and heavy.

"Z…it's over. Your reign of terror ends here and now," the golden-cloaked figure exclaimed towards the black figure, as she raised something long in her hand, and pointed it directly at the figure.

At their words, the black figure merely let out a deep, humor-filled chuckle. "Over? Over? Did you honestly just say that it's over," it laughed, as it began to take a step forward, only to be stopped in its tracks by a blast shot near its feet by the pink figure.

"Yes Z, it is," they informed it, their hand raised and aimed right at the black figure, ready to shoot again if it were to make another move.

"Everyone, let's put an end to this nightmare once and for all," the golden figure shouted to its comrades.

"Right," they all agreed, as the five surrounding figures put their hands to their chests and were enveloped in a bright light of their hands to their chests and were enveloped in a bright light of their respective colors. The white figure then placed a hand onto the gold's item; as both figures then become engulfed in lights of their colors as well. Upon them both being lit, it was then revealed that the gold's item was in fact a scepter. Just then, a goldish-white light then shot out from the tip and collided with the pink figure. The moment the beam connected with it, the pink's light burned brighter as another beam shot out from the pink figure and collided with the yellow, resulting in the same effect. Then, a beam shout out to the green, and then the blue and finally the violet being. Once all five of the beings were with beams and their lights were all shinning bright, they then raised their hands up and began along with the gold, while the white figure held their hands out. Then, they all began to chant.

"Oh wretched soul born from the chaos and despair of the darkness, may the light of hope free you from your pain and put an end to your eternal suffering." Once they had said this, all except for the white being then slammed their hands down onto the ground, as the golden figure then slammed its scepter down and the white figure raised its hands high into the air. "NOW, CLESTIAL STAR," they all shouted, as the giant outline of a star appeared underneath the black figure. Then, the inside of the star became filled with a rainbowish-light, as that same light then erupted from the star and shot into the sky, instantly engulfing the black figure.

The black figure's reaction to this intense storm of light was that it was currently screaming out in horrible pain. Though the sheer intensity of the light made seeing it fairly difficult, they were able to see it as clearly as a black dot on a white wall. However, what they saw next only proved to both shock and horrify them; the being was smiling a sick smile towards all of them.

"You…all think this is the end? You think you have won?! You think I have been defeated," it began to chuckle, before it started laughing hysterically; almost maniacally even. "YOU'RE FOOLS! ALL OF YOU! I CAN NOT BE DEFEATED, ESPECIALLY NOT BY WEAKLINGS LIKE YOURSELVES! HEAR MY WORDS AND HEAR THEM WELL; I WILL BE REVIVED…I WILL RETURN…AND WHEN I DO, I SHALL DRAG EVERYTHING INTO EVERLASTINF DESPAIR!" After saying this, it then continued to laugh and laugh, all the while its body was being destroyed by the light. It kept laughing until finally, there was nothing of it left, and it was nothing more than dust in the wind.

Seeing that it was no more, the others than let out sighs of nothing but pure relief, as some of them fell over onto the ground, while others simply held themselves up; though it was clear that they were tired. Just then, a thin ray of light peaked out from the dark sky above and shined down onto the seven. Then another ray, and another and another and another, until soon a great golden sun was shining down upon them from a clear blue sky. And it wasn't just the sky that had improved, with the Sun now shining down, life began to return to the world. Little buds began to sprout and blossom forth and soon, the once desolate land morphed into a beautiful meadow. Looking around, the seven let out sighs and laughs of pure happiness and bliss. They were truly pleased with what they had done. The golden figure then turned to the pink and said-

"We did it, we really did it, Kayla…Kayla…Kayla…Kayla!" Suddenly, the scene was engulfed by a blinding white light, as the voices and shapes of the cloaked figures faded away into nothing but blurs.

Once the light began to dim down, the scene that could barely be seen through its still bright veil was one that didn't resemble a meadow in the least. In fact, it looked more like a wall of some kind. When the light had finally faded away completely, it could now be seen that the scene had been completely changed. Instead of a now flourishing and healthy meadow, there was now just a single black room. The room's walls were littered with various posters of anime heroes and those of reality. And inside of a large queen-sized bed, something was stirring from within it.

Poking their head out from beneath the covers, it was revealed that the thing within the bed was actually a teenage girl. She had long black hair, which was currently something more along the lines of a wild mess of hair, as well as brown eyes. She also had somewhat palish skin tone and she had a rather slender build to herself. Upon her sitting up in the bed and removing some of the covers off of herself in order to stretch, one could see that she was fairly well developed in terms of her assets; though it was still clear she was still growing.

"Ah, what time is it," she yawned, as she rubbed her eyes lazily, as she attempted to get them to adjust to their daily dosage of morning light. However, this attempt was cut short by a sudden pounding sound reaching her ears. Turning her gaze to the left, the girl saw that said pounding was coming from the outside of her bedroom door. No sooner had the series of poundings began did she hear a voice accompanying them.

"Kayla! Kayla are you woke yet," she heard the voice call out to her, obviously impatiently. She recognized that voice instantly, it was the voice of her elder sister, Asako.

"Yeah Asako, I'm up! What is it," she asked her sister grumpily, she obviously didn't enjoy being woken up from her sleep, especially not by such loud methods.

"Well get up then, you're going to be late for your first day of school," she called back, as Kayla merely let out a puff of exasperation, before flopping back down onto the bed and threw the covers back over her once more. However, after a few seconds of silence passed by, her sister's words finally sunk into her, as she threw the covers off of her and looked over to her right in order to check the time of her alarm clock. When she saw the dreaded numbers blinking at her, her heart almost sank as her eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets. It was 7:40 A.M. School would start in twenty minutes!

Seeing that time was obviously of the essence, Kayla threw all of the remaining cover off of herself and the jumped out of the bed to hurry herself ready. The moment her feet hit the floor, she was more of a lightning bolt then a person, as she zipped here and there, hardly stopping for anything.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP EARLIER," she called to her sister, as she was about to go and take a quick shower.

"I did come to wake you up earlier, but I thought you had gotten up when I did! I didn't know you were still in La La land," she explained. "Anyway, when you've gotten changed, Mom's fixed some breakfast for you downstairs." And with that last bit of information, Kayla heard her sister's footsteps moving away from her door. Letting out a final breath of frustration, Kayla threw herself into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

About ten minutes later, Kayla came bolting down the stairs into the kitchen, wearing her school uniform; consisting of a white shirt covered by a blue uniform jacket and a khaki skirt, though she was also ensuring that she had got everything she needed for today.

"Hey Mom," she greeted her mother, as she sat at the kitchen table, sipping a cup of tea.

"Good morning sweetheart, I kept you breakfast warm for you," he mother; a woman that look roughly like an older version of her replied, as she moved a steamy plate that consisted of scrambled eggs and a piece of toast with butter on it. After ensuring that she had everything she needed, Kayla was about to sit down at the table to enjoy her meal, when she looked over at the kitchen clock and saw that she had a little over ten minutes to get to school. Seeing this, Kayla then grabbed a butter knife and spread some of the eggs on her toast and popped part of it into her mouth.

"Thanks for the meal Mom, I'll see you afterschool! Bye love you," she exclaimed to her mother, as she bolted out of the door and took off towards her school. Her mother could only smile heartily and give off a small chuckle at her daughter's actions.

"Have a good day, dear," she said silently to herself, as she smiled again before going back to her tea.

Meanwhile, atop of a hill far from Kayla's home, a small pink ball of light fluttered back and forth, almost as though it was confused or unsure of something. "Oh no…Emerald…Opal…where did you guys go," it asked no one in particular, as it continued to float onward over to the edge of the hill. Once it made it to the edge, it looked down and gasped at the sight it saw; a city, a large bustling city, filled with dozens upon dozens of people going about with their daily lives. "They must've gone down there," the light said to itself, as it merely stayed on the hill for a few more seconds before it flew off of it and descended down into the city below.

At this same time, a man-actually, he looked more along the lines of being a teenager- was standing amongst a crowd of busy people as they crossed the street. Though he looked like a normal civilian, albeit his short green hair and gray eyes, there was something strange and dark about the look in his eyes as he scanned them throughout the crowd, observing the faces of everyone he saw. After looking over several of the faces, his face turned into a bitter grimace, as he muttered under his breath-

"Damn it, where the hell could they be?! I know the gateway was around here somewhere, so where the hell are those little flies?!" He then clenched his fists tightly as he moved along with the rest of the crowd as he followed them across the street. "Oh well, guess it wouldn't be fun if it was that easy. Here little lights...come out come out wherever you are," he chuckled darkly, as he continued along with the crowd.