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"Heads up! Go to work, you lazy asses! I don't want you slacking off in the middle of the day while you're being paid just to be here! Now work!" Jodie snatched up a rolled up newspaper and started smacking the workers that were either taking a nap or playing card games.

Tess raised an eyebrow and continued with her paperwork. The PDA had gotten quite boring lately. PDA stood for Psychic Detective Agency. They cooperated with the FBI, the CIA, the American government, and all that held power over the intelligence of all countries. The PDAs were a group of highly intelligent psychic people that worked secretly and independently. They receive a high amount of salary coming from the government. The age range is basically 14 or above, and as long as the person who wants this job fits the requirements, he gets it no matter how young he is. The PDA usually investigates places that are believed to be haunted, and 99% of them were basically human-made. Their succeed rate was absolutely 100%, and the government often relied on them for big cases, although arguments were always included as the majority of the PDA were extremely young.

And this was the problem for them again.

"I can't believe the government isn't allowing us to enter the abandoned building because we're too young! We solved so many cases already, and they still hesitate to rely on us? Do they ever learn?" Sheila yawned and stretched. "Here we are, working over some stupid cases that could be easily solved by high school students."

"You're so noisy in the morning," groaned Jack. "Why don't you shut up and do your work?"

The Shire siblings glared at each other and Jodie sighed. She looked over at Tess, who never slacked off in work and was highly impressed by her concentration. "Well, Tess, you can have a break if you want."

Just when Tess was about to reply, the telephone rang. Everyone jumped and froze as Jodie picked up the phone.

"This is the PDA. Yes, I'm Jodie Lane. Yes, of course we can handle this case! Yes. We'll be done quick. What? You just called and the deadline is Friday? Has it ever occured to you that we have only four days to investigate? No, I mean, can't you lengthen the time? Even Saturday would be fine!" Jodie paused and the atmosphere was instantly intensified. "You should've given us the case a week ago then. We'll be fine. I'll notify you about further news later on." She hung up and everyone stared at her with hopeful eyes.

"Alright, everyone. The abandoned building is now open for us to investigate. It seems that the case has gotten out of their control. The people that the FBI sent who were fully equipped had miraculously disappeared into thin air the day they went to investigate. Apparently when they sent out the other troupe they found them gone too. They can't afford to lose any more people and just investigate blindly, so they just contacted us. The deadline is this Thursday. A death threat was sent to them, written in red ink that the men they sent would be dead by Thursday."

"They can't track down the person who sent it?" asked Shawn. Jodie shook her head.

"It wasn't really sent. They found it in one of the worker's mailbox. No fingerprints or whatsoever. The writing was hard to see."

Sheila was deep in thought. "You think they'll give it to us to investigate? Maybe Shawn can track down the culprit using his powers."

Jodie nodded. "I told them I'd go and take the letter later on, four o'clock. Good thing that Trinity is in charge of the evidence."

Tess broke into a smile. "My sister is in charge of the evidence? Then we have nothing to worry about. She isn't the kind of person that would mess things up." Trinity, Tess's sister, worked for the FBI. Although she wasn't psychic and had no special powers like the PDAs do, she was extremely talented at detective work and was in charge of the investigating crew.

"All of you, listen up! Tess, Sheila, Jack, Ashen and Lore are going with me to take the letter and go investigate. The usual groups, please. The rest of you stay here and search up information on the abandoned building. Shawn, once we get the letter I'll send Sheila back and you can track down the culprit. Come on, let's get to work."