A loud irritating beeping sound went off in a small bedroom. Hoshi fell out of bed because of this. "Not a nice way to start my day." The fourteen year old mumbled to himself. He rubbed his shiny blue eyes as his long blonde hair fell onto his shoulders. He was small and slim, and probably could've passed for a ten year old girl if he wanted to.

He walked over to the bathroom. "Aki? Are you in there?" He pretty much knew the answer but was just looking to clarify.

"Yes." A gentle feminine voice spoke through the bathroom door. Oddly enough she didn't seem irritated by this question even though the shower was running. "I set your alarm clock a couple of hours early so you wouldn't be late."

Hoshi sighed, "So you're the one. Well thanks." The blonde teen walked out into kitchen. He stared at a picture of his family. "Mom, Dad. We're finally here. I promise I'll do my best to keep Aki safe."

"Hey, who are you talking to Hoshi?" Aki asked him slightly concerned as she waltzed into the kitchen. Her blonde hair was just like Hoshi's, smooth and shiny the only difference was hers reached all the way down to her waist. Her shiny blue eyes were also the same as his. The two were practically mirrors of each other besides being male and female.

Hoshi quickly turned around startled "Um no one!"

"Ok well come on!" She took her twin brother's hand. "We're gonna be late for school!" She ran leading Hoshi all the way until they reached the school.

"Hey let go!" Hoshi struggled to break free of his sister's grasp.

Aki giggled, "You're weak, Hoshi."

"You embarrass me too much." Hoshi sighed relieved when he finally managed to break free.

"It's all a part of my job." She winked.

"Yeah? Well I think you need to look for new employment." Hoshi said as he stared up at the school. "I can't believe it. We're finally back here."

Hoshi and Aki rode in the train together. They both silently stared at another. Eventually Aki broke the silence. "So where are we going?"

"You remember the old town we used to live in when we were kids?" Hoshi tried to remind her.

Aki nodded, "Yeah. Why?

"Well since Mom and Dad are…you know…dead." Hoshi stated awkwardly. We're going to live with Grandma."

Silence fell upon the twins again. Hoshi began snapping pictures of all the trees and wildlife. He loved taking pictures, one day he hoped to be a photographer.

Aki stared out the window. As she watched the birds soar through the sky, she wondered what it was like to be a bird. What it was like to have wings? To not be afraid to fall? To fly?

Surprisingly the time actually went pretty fast afterwards. "Aki!" Hoshi shakes his sister violently snapping her out of the daze.

"Huh? Oh hey Hoshi." She mumbled.

"Aki, it's time to get off the train." He informed her helping her out of the seat. "Let's go!

Once the twins arrived at the house they were immediately greeted by hugs and kisses from a gray haired old woman. "Hoshi, Aki! My babies! It's so good to see you again."

"You too, Grandma." Aki smiled.

"Yeah we missed you." Hoshi agreed as he set his and Aki's bags down.

Their Grandmother stared at the clock. "Oh dear." She expressed her concern. "It's dinner time and I haven't prepared anything. How about we go out to eat?"

Aki clapped her hands. "Yeah! That sounds like fun!"

Hoshi nodded, "Yeah, what she said."

"Okay then it's settled." The Grandma led the twins out the door and into the car.

"So Grandma." Aki started. "Is this place still as fun as it used to be? How much has changed?" Aki started rambling on. "What kind of school will we be going to? Are there cute outfits at the stores?"

"Slow down there, Aki." The Grandmother laughed. "One question at a time. Well other than you kiddos and your parents moving away, not much has really changed. "It's a small town so there are still not very many people."

"Grandma?" Hoshi asks with a far off look on his face.

She keeps her eyes on the road but her ears are wide open. "Yes? What's troubling you Hoshi?"

"Well, nothing's troubling me." The blonde boy lies.

"Nonsense." She interrupts him. "I know my Grandson. What's wrong, Hoshi?"

Hoshi sighs, "Is…is Rei here?"

Before she could answer Hoshi's question another car crashed into theirs. Sparks and tires flew up into the sky from the collision. Luckily a police car was right behind.

"Hey is everyone all right." One of the policemen asked peering through the window with a flashlight.

"Our Grandma!" Hoshi and Aki screamed in unison, their faces full of fear.

The policeman hurried to the front seat where he saw the wounded Grandmother. Hoshi walked up to the officer as he took her out of the vehicle. "Is she gonna be all right."

The policeman gave the twins a look of pity. "I'm sorry, you two. But you're Grandmother's dead.

Hoshi blinked back his tears as Aki cried into her brother's chest. "But can't you save her?" Hoshi asked, his shiny blue eyes catching a glimmer of hope.

His hope was completely shattered when they the reply he got was, "Save her how? She's already gone kid. Sorry."

"Hey!" Another one of the policemen walked over with a black haired man in handcuffs behind him. "This guy was drinking and driving."

"Okay, can you take care of it? I gotta get these kids home." The other police officer informed him.

Hoshi quickly snapped a picture at the drunken man. Lucky he was in handcuffs too cause he starts freaking out. "You little brat! I'm gonna kill you in your sleep!"

Hoshi just stared down the man in hatred, "Not if I do it to you first." The gentleness in his voice was gone.

Hoshi's eyes blinked open as Aki tugged on his blue shirt's sleeve. Hey, earth to Hoshi! Come on, the bell already rang!"

"Oh sorry!" Hoshi snapped out of it. "I was just thinking."

"About what?" Aki questioned curiously.

Hoshi took out a picture from his pocket. It looked as if it had been ripped in two. It showed a blonde little boy which was obviously Hoshi his lips were planted on someone else's. But all it showed was there lips. Someone else had the rest of the picture. Aki looked made a, not this again, face at the picture.

Hoshi however stared sentimentally at the picture. "The girl I had my first kiss with. She has to be somewhere in this town."