Hoshi stared at Kazuko as a cool breeze blew by, "Nakano-san..I met you before?"

Kazuko ran her fingers through her jet black hair, "I see. So then that means you don't remember me, right?"

Hoshi shook his head, "No sorry Nakano-san."

Kazuko chuckled, "Don't apologize, silly. It was nine years ago after all." Kazuko swished her hands around in the water, "The only reason I remember is because you gave me this bracelet."

Hoshi's eyes lower to the bracelet Kazuko wore on her wrist, "Oh, I didn't even notice you wore one until just now."

"Yep!" Kazuko grinned holding the arm her bracelet was on. "I've always worn it ever since that day you gave it to me.

Rain stormed littering the ground with liquid. A young Hoshi's feet splashed into the puddles as he ran through the forest. "Huh?"

Not far from where Hoshi was a young Kazuko was sobbing cradled up by a tree.

Hoshi ran up to the girl in a hurry, ignoring the mud puddles he stepped in. "Hey, what's wrong?"

Kazuko turned away from Hoshi and rubbed her eyes, "Nothing! Now leave me alone!"

Hoshi peered his head around to get a better look at Kazuko's face. "But then, why are you crying?"

I'm not crying!" Kazuko protested.

Hoshi tapped on Kazuko's shoulder prompting her to turn around. He held out his hand with a bracelet in his palm. "Hey, cheer up. Don't be sad."

Hoshi stared at Kazuko intensely before bowing dramatically"I'm sorry Nakano-san!"

Nakano gave him a blank stare. She then bursted into laughter, "Mikazuki-san, what the hell are you doing?" She spoke in between laughs with a mocking tone. "I'm the girl here, you shouldn't be the one acting like a drama queen."

"But I couldn't remember you even though you were able to remember me." Hoshi grimaced staring at the ground.

Kazuko waved her hand in a don't worry about it gesture. "Come on that was nine years ago, I can't possibly expect you to remember."

"See, you even know how long ago it was."

"That's only because I have this awesome bracelet, Hoshi. I'm too cheap to give you anything of my own."

"Nakano-san, what did you call me just know."

Kazuko grinned playfully and put her finger to her lips. "Oh right, I decided I'm going to just call you Hoshi now. Like when we were kids." Oh is that okay with you?"

"Sure. But only on one condition."

She swayed her dark hair back and forth while smiling. Sure, I love conditions! So what is it?"

"I get to call you Kazuko."

Kazuko beamed at Hoshi, "Course!"

After a while Rei, Shizuka, and Himura met back up with Hoshi and Kazuko on the sand. Hoshi's blue eyes widen when he sees Aki sitting next to Rei. "Aki, you actually came?"

Aki stared at the wet sand, "Yeah."

Himura cried tears of joy, "Mikazuki-san, finally brought his sister!" The green haired teen pumped his fist into the air.

Shizuka tugged on Himura's swim trunks, "...embarrassing..."

Himura blinked a couple of times, "Huh?"

"She said please stop embarrassing us, Minoru-san." Rei informed her perverted friend. Rei sat up from her beach blanket and grinned at Hoshi and Kazuko."Hey, you guys sure looked like you were having fun."

Kazuko folded her arms and nodded approvingly, "Yep, me and Hoshi-san had a blast. We don't need you guys anymore."

Nakano started laughing but Rei raised an eyebrow. "Hoshi? "Kazuko, when did you start using his given name?"

"Just now."

Since Kazuko was so simple about it, Hoshi took the liberty of explaining further, "Yeah it turns out Kazuko and I are closer than we thought. We met years ago back in that old forest."

A glimmer jealousy sparked in Rei's eyes. But it faded as quickly as it appeared. "So anyone have any ideas for tomorrow?"

Himura rubbed his chin, "We could all go out to eat after school?"

Hoshi's eyes widen both surprised and impressed Himura picked something that wasn't perverted. "Hey that's actually a pretty good idea, Minoru-san."

Kazuko lowered her eyes suspiciously, "Where exactly?"

Himura gave a mischievous smirk, "Where do you think? Why a maid caffe of course!"

As fast as lightning Kazuko kicked Himura to the floor. His figure was planted nicely into the grass he landed on.

Once Hoshi and Aki got home he made some instant ramen for him and Aki. "Sorry about this Aki. We really shouldn't be eating so unhealthy all the time."

Aki smiled as she sat down at the table, "It's okay, I don't mind at all, Hoshi."

"I know but still. I just wish I could do more for you."

"Ever since their parents died, Hoshi felt as though it was his responsibility to take care of Aki from now on. After all, he is her older brother. Even if they can't remember their past together."

"I said I didn't mind. So relax.: Aki played around with her noodles shortly before diving them into her mouth."

"So Aki what did you think of Ueno-san and Minoru-san?"

"Hm, Ueno-san is nice. But Minoru-san is creepy.

"Yeah, that's how I thought of him at first too. But don't let his weirder qualities fool you. He definitely has some good qualities as well."

a "Really?" Aki gave Hoshi a questioning look.

Hoshi nodded, "Of course.

"I don't believe you. Are you trying to trick me?"

"Now why would I do that?"

Aki pointed her chopsticks directly at Hoshi, "Because you're sneaky and caniving."

Hoshi sighed shoulder slumped down "Aki, those words don't describe me at all."

"Funny. Because they sure sound like you to me."

"That's a lie! In fact I think they fit you better!"

"Yeah right! I'm a perfect little angel." Aki clasped her hands together in a fancy way.

Hoshi rolled his eyes, Yeah in your dreams."

The two twins both gave each other our fiercest glares.


"Suddenly they both erupted into laughter."