Well, I have next to nothing to say here apart from a thank you to Lauren. Oh well!


A Favorite Teacher.

Coloured books and pens,

Plastic chairs and graffiti covered tables,

Walls devoid of life,

Windows shut despite the sweltering heat

And gossip flying around.

A slender figure stands watching, waiting

For bells to chime.

Last period on Fridays,

The worst time to be teaching a lesson

Full of excited kids.

He knows this, and yet, he manages to endure.

I admire him greatly,

As he spends his weekends marking, stressing and giving feedback,

Helping us… so dedicated.

I want to help,

He does so much for us and receives scrutiny in return.

It's our fault anyway,

He isn't being "tight", just pointing out errors,

We'll learn next time.

I want to thank him; I appreciate what he's done,

Even if you don't.

So this is to my favourite teacher,

Soft, gentle and kind,

Know that what you teach us is

Always on my mind.