It's a completely different world here. It's an odd one, at least different, though everything has a familiar tinge to it. I guess it makes sense, it's all being created from the one source. The best thing about this place is that you don't have to worry about the weather much, you don't really ever feel it. There are some things that can only be seen, instead of felt. Sure you can feel it deeper than the skin, somewhere in the heart, though that's a bit too cliché these days, and there's no cliché here, but really the touch of the skin remains the same. It's pretty good, even when it rains it's not a problem. You may see soaking clothes, and soggy trees, but there won't be a single drop felt on the skin. Of course, it only rains at the exact right time.

Some times, the trees are a bit smaller than they were the other day. I mean, they have different purposes, some for climbing, some for hiding, some for housing animals. Same trees, essentially, same placement, though really you never can tell, but a different purpose calls for a different height, or different colour, and it always completes its purpose, regardless of the one tree being big and small at different moments.

When I first entered here, I wondered at what was around me. There wasn't much to begin with, but it was bright, a brightness that shone to the memory. I remember that first step, that first small little decision to enter this place.

I could only marvel at the cliff top, at the way the waves flung themselves below, and how the wind pushed the slightest touch of hair, for effect. That was how it was. They say that travelling to a new place should be a fulfilling experience. Well perhaps one day it will be, but right now, the experience isn't finished.

I meet someone there, or well, she meet me. Who could of thought of all the things she would go to do? There wasn't the plan, to go that far, to broaden the sights to here and there and there again. But when you're travelling with a backpack full of whim, what else could happen.

I saw a way of life that could be different, that whilst so seemingly impossible somehow gave hope. It gave a dream, an adventure. It's a bit of a shock really, to realise what's been found. The world's a different place; everything you see there, lets you see with different eyes.

I discovered something amazing that day, something that once stepped into could not be forgotten. The memories last, and they continue. It's work that way, the imagination you see. You can travel with your mind, to anywhere, and you can be anything. And if, just maybe, when you're snapped back to reality, you forget that you can't do anything, you might just be able to. Because if somehow you can make trees be big and small, then anything can happen, and you don't even need a passport.