Pitter Patter splashed the rain on our old brown apartment window. Somewhat cool air slipped through the crack underneath, sending shivers down my spine as I peered out of it. I watch as part of the building across the street looses a wall, making the tenets there scream; the mother grabbing her child and the father rushing out the door to get the manager. I sighed sadly and crossed my arms on the windowsill. This was normal; buildings crashing, and decaying before our eyes.

Humans caused this, the destruction of their, our, world. But before this it was magnificent. Over the past 2000 years we had reached the peak of our technology. We could build anything, do anything. This went to the scientists head, and they tried to create a cure that could cure any disease in the world. It would save us all. But in the end, it created a super disease that was unstoppable, and creates slow painful death to everything. Decaying whatever its victim was slowly.

Stepping away from the window, I place myself on my dusty old mattress. Only a few feet away from a sleeping grouch. His name is Libreal; he's been with me since we escaped. My eyelids fell. Honestly I haven't slept in about a day and a half. It's so noisy around here, plus living with the fear that you'll fall to your death isn't the most comforting thing in the world.

When I was born 19 years ago, I was surrounded by men in white coats and constantly tested. At a young age I was very confused but they would always tell me the same thing… that I was made to guide the humans of this earth; to keep them in tact as their world fell before them. They called me a nephilim; I was made to represent an angel so I could make the people believe they still had a chance; I was hope for them. I loved my wings: they are a soft brown color with white long under feathers and spots… almost like a hawks.

But when I was 16 I was suddenly changing for the worst… or maybe better? My hair color was always orange but do to frequent testing it turned to more of a peachy pink. My eye color however was always yellow amber. They thought to over look the yellow eyes but… when my hair color changed it almost made them snap.

Only a few days after the drastic change in hair color, I had to take my test to see if I could fly. It was a quiet day in the facility, I was nervous. We tried numerous times but… no matter what I couldn't get my wings to move. I couldn't fly… 'What kind of angel can't fly!?' They said 'Disgrace is what you are kid' others would say. What hurt the most was 'angels are supposed to be perfect... not freaks of nature'.

As a result, they drugged me with a sleeping sedative and marked me as a failed experiment. The only highlight was meeting the person who would save me. They rolled me in a wheel chair to a lightly lighted room, where he was sitting too in a wheel chair. He glanced up at me and shot me a smile. There was a sort of mature air about him.

"Hey kid? How are you holding up? Are you leaving too?" He laughed at his own words. It wasn't the greatest first impression.

"They're going to throw us away. Putting us to sleep… permanently. So here's what we're going to do." He explained his plan to me. Basically he had some pills that if I took would keep me from dying in my sleep. He had had some already. We'd pretend to be asleep then when they threw us away, we'd be home free and in the junkyard.

When we were finally free he looked at me and said, "Names Libreal. I'm 18, I've been failed because I have no wings and can't cooperate. I don't know what I'm doing from now on, but as comrades in escape, I'd like you to come with me."

Honestly my instincts told me to never trust a stranger… but I ended up going anyway. I gave him a longer introduction than his on our way to this city 3 years ago. I happen to like fully explaining myself. I'm glad I did, I've gained a great friend.

As I fell deeper into my sleep, I could hear his soft breathing in the background. Tomorrows a different story. We're leaving the city of Falkville and heading east to an air plane that supposedly will be taking passengers to New Hope. A city barely touched by the disease… so it should be safe, I hope.