Bright sunlight and the overwhelming feeling of being tired were the first things I felt when I awoke. I huffed and rolled over stubbornly only to be greeted by a poking sensation in my right cheek. I absently swatted at the air and protested.

"Stop! Let me sleep for a bit longer you jerk…" A light chuckle could be heard next to my ear.

"Honestly Annabelle if you don't get up the mercenaries will be furious with us again. Do you want to cause trouble for me?" That got me up. The mercenaries were… merciless. They didn't like slackers, we all had to pitch in to keep up for the "protection" they provided us. By us I mean the few hundred who live in Falkville.

I sat up and dozily looked at my attacker. He gave me a lopsided smile, a few strands of black hair in his face. I shrugged at him. "We're leaving anyways Libreal, who cares if I sleep a bit later than normal…" Libreal stood up and walk over to a table while proceeding to grab a plate with a bit of food. I thought to myself, 'Nearly stale bread and eggs again, huh?' Whatever it was it didn't matter. Food was food in this world.

He sat the plate on my lap and knelt next to me to continue conversation, lecturing gaze fully set. This ought to be good.

"Anna, even though we're leaving today, they're giving out money today that we're going to need in the long run. Don't you understand this?" He sighed like this lecture was an unavoidable cause. I nodded, solely because Libreal always stood his ground. I did know this but still… I'm 19 now he doesn't have to treat me like I'm still 16.

Taking a bite into the stale bread, I looked out the window. It was a bit hard to see considering my mattress was on the floor but I still made it happen. The sky was surprisingly beautiful considering our circumstances. One could be fooled if he only looked at the sky and not the world around him. He'd never know the world was dying.

Libreal left to get dressed as I was finishing up my food. I did my hair, brushing the crazy knots into nice waves, and pushing my blunt bangs down onto my face. I threw on a brown cardigan, yellow tank, black leggings, tattered blue jean shorts, and brown boots with beige fur. We have to cover up so leggings under these shorts are necessary.

Winter season is coming and since jeans are very hard to come by, I have to make do. I didn't look that bad to be honest.

Libreal strode back in; brown leather jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans and some kind of work boots. He laughed loudly at the sight of both of us. "We look like siblings!" He smiled and began out the front door.

I snorted, "We look nothing like siblings, we just happen to have brown on…"

He raised his hand to his side as he walked through the corridor, "Hurry up we have to get there. Why don't you ever wake up when you're supposed to?" I jogged up next to him, giving him my meanest glare. He said nothing in response.

Townspeople were lined up outside of the broken builds. I saw children running amok, mothers chatting it up and some old people bickering. It was cold. I could slightly see my breath, and could tell my nose was kind of red. I felt myself smile a little. Even though winter is cold, it's my favorite season. I remember reading books about what people used to do on a holiday called Christmas; sledding on snow, buying scarves, and hanging up socks on fireplaces. I wanted that for myself but… why socks and not something more appealing?

The line wasn't very long of course; Falkville's lines were spread based upon what street you stayed on. Although only about eight whole city streets contained residents. I felt something warm on my head. I looked up at Libreal who was standing next to me, hand on my head.

"Anna, are you zoned out again? You should pay attention; you almost knocked into this poor lady." Some lady was laughing lightly in front of us, taking up for me and telling him to pay no mind, it was an accident. "Don't treat me like I'm some kid. Your only two years old than me Lib!"

With this he laughed. I took note. Libreal was six inches taller than me standing at 5"11, he had brown eyes and black hair that fell into his eyes, was a bit scruffy and was long. By long I mean it traveled down the back of his neck, it wasn't like pony tail long… He's also 21 just in case you didn't know, but he acts like a childish grandpa…

The line kept moving forward and soon we made it to the check point. One mercenary asked us for identification, and soon we proceeded past, money in hand.

"Ok what next Libreal?" I said I glanced toward him. He was looking at the money fiercely.

"Next we grab our bags from Gregory and head east for the air plane."

I nodded, breathed a deep breath, watched it form and disappear before my eyes, and then proceeded to follow Libreal towards Falkville's last gas station.