It had been a long time, yes awhile indeed, since she had seen the sunlight. As soon as she opened the door rays began to flit through the frame onto her skin. She jumped, and retreated melancholy to the shadows. She couldn't tell when she had last felt the sunlight, it had been longer she knew, than she had last seen it. She fled from it gradually, first the feel, then the touch. When did she last open a door, or a window, or curtain? There was a spark on her arm from the drop of sun that had fallen upon it and she felt it spread, as if a burning flame, across her body.

But she did not hate it. It did not hurt, that slight touch of the sun. She stared out at the brightness, it did not touch her eyes. She stepped forward, one bare foot, then another. It was there, and her hands reached out to be enveloped in this shining warmth. She stepped again. And there she was, a girl so afraid of sunlight, standing in its embrace, with a chin titled up to it and body clinging to it.

She smiled, and perhaps, it was a smile just like the sun brings, as it rises each day to bring news rays of hope into our world.