"The story of how it came to be..."

Part 1: Beginning
Arc 1: Matsuri
Person in struggle: Yani


Monday, September 1, 2014

My eyes twitched at the question on my textbook. I was shaking a bit for two minutes. My pen didn't slip from my hand yet. But for some reason, my hand feels hot and wet. I know I'm in the highest class in Winton Academy, but this a bit advanced…

"2(x5+2x) (y7+19+16x)…man, this is hard. I'm just Grade 7…"

"Green tea, Ms. Johansson?"

I looked up at the nice waitress, putting my tea on the table. My brown eyes studied the face of the woman. I feel like I'm the only teenager in a coffee shop and the only person who ordered tea. The woman sighed, tying her long, brown hair.

"Well, enjoy your tea, Ms. Johansson."The woman said. I smiled. "Thank you."Silently, she left my table, leaving me alone to study.

Should I call Marissa for help? Then again, she might be out, helping in the family business? Cari? No. She might be drawing something again and she might get distracted? Isa? I forgot. She has a fever.

Suddenly, I heard my phone ringing. I hurriedly got it out from my bag and checked who's calling.


"Isa? Why is she calling?"I mumbled to myself. Immediately, I touched the green button. Then, I brought the phone close to my ears.

"Isa? Why are you calling?"I asked. I sipped my tea and put the cup down.

"Uh, Yani…we have some…news…about the High Class of Winton Academy…"

For a second there, I got a bit curious. I know curiosity kills the cat but this is an exception. You see, Cari, Isa, Marissa and I are in the High Class, a class only for the top ten students in the whole school. There is only one class like that in the whole school so it's mixed with girls and boys of different ages. We only have three teachers. The three teachers for the High Class are classified on what they teach. The first one teaches us Science with Math under it. The second one teaches us all about Language. So every year, we are taught with different languages from different continents. If our continent is Asia, then our main focus is the languages of Asia. Lastly, we have our Arts teacher. So basically, all our classes are Advanced Placement including extra curricular ones.

But back to the topic at hand…

"What's the news?"I asked, taking another sip of the tea.

"The High Class..will permanently move to Montrose Boarding School on an unnamed island in England…I think the name of the island is Isla de Angelo. I found out at the newsletter."

Then, I spewed my tea. What does she mean that we're moving away? Personally, I love Panthwa. Though it's just a small province, it feels wonderful. The air smells fresh thanks to the trees. Panthwa is the closest location to Winton Academy so it's easy to ride a bike going to school. Not only that, my playmates in the orphanage are like the best friends a gal could have next to my schoolmates. But being separated from them…must be like hell.

But then, I had a thought: what about the tuition fee?

"Isa, what about the tuition fee?"

"That? We're granted scholarship because of the Sayo brothers."


Then, I thought for a moment. How will I get to Isla de Angelo? What's my plan? I wonder what Isa's plan. Of course, she lives with her adopted brothers almost all her life. So, what will they do?

"Okay. What's your plan?"

"Well, my adopted brothers said that their father will come back and obviously, they're not going to show him that I lived with them for thirteen years. He'll be furious. So their plan is they'll call me every week. And they're going to do this secretly so their father won't know the truth. You?"

"I have a feeling I'll be out of the orphanage at…Friday."

"Great! I called the rest! They said their flight is on Friday too. We'll meet around twelve so prepare a lot of stuff."

And by stuff, she means food. Well, because Isa has an addiction to junk food and Japanese snacks. And by any means, she'll do whatever it takes just to get them.

"Okay. But if we bring chips, don't think about getting them."

Isa giggled. "Alright. I promise. Well, see ya."

Then, she hung up.

I closed my textbook and put the rest of my stuff inside my bag. After finishing my tea, I left fifty dollars on the table and left. I took a few steps towards the exit door. Then, I turned around at the sight of the coffee shop. I remember those times when we would hang out in the coffee shop. I remember when Cari would talk about her comics, Marissa would chase Isa for stealing her cake and I would sigh at their antics. Now, it's different. A new chapter. A new world.

"This is the last time I'm actually here…"

Then, I walked towards the door…

…slowly opened it…

…closed it…

…and never turned back.


I woke up, feeling a bit dazed. The sun really wanted to embrace me that bad. But something is in my mind. Was that conversation in the coffee shop…a dream? It must be a dream. There's no way the High Class will move to some fancy boarding school in Isla de Angelo. Yeah…if I ask them about it and they say no, then our fun days will return again.


I got up to see Mother Louise, holding a newsletter. The front part has a logo on it. When I rubbed my eyes, I tried to identify the logo. Then, I just realized something: it was the school logo! Oh man, please don't tell me it was true!

"Yani, it's a newsletter from the school principal and administrator of the High Class. They said that you'll be moving to Isla de Angelo."

I gasped. Quickly, I took the letter from Mother Louise and read:

To: Yani's guardians
From: The Prinicipal of Winton Academy and the Administrator of the High Class
Subject: Boarding School


The High Class is one of the main reasons why Winton Academy became successful enough. The class consists of ten outstanding students in the whole school. The student you have now is one of them.

Sadly, there was bad news.

Saturday, August 30, the H.S.O. or the High School Organization told us that we've been treating the students unequally, always focusing on the High Class instead of the rest of the pupils. We promised to remove the High Class for them to go to their normal standards. But one of them said, "…to make sure this never happens again, they will be sent to a boarding school exclusively for the intelligent students."Your son/daughter is given a full scholarship to Montrose Academy, an island on Isla de Angelo near London. If you do not wish to send your child there, you will be dealt harshly.

We hope you can struggle with this.

Thank you.

No! It happened!

"I'm sorry Yani. The flight is on Friday. Pack your bags. You will be staying in Isa's house for a while."

I sighed. I have no choice. I was given time to pack my bags at three.

"Dear, breakfast?"

I sadly nodded, standing up. Mother Agnes and I went downstairs to the cafeteria, where all the rough children will declare a food fight and where all the children would tease me for being in the High Class and being such an anime lover. Mother placed on Seat 13, the only abandoned seat where my good friends from the orphanage moved. I sighed.

Even though I hate this place, I'm going to miss this town.


Classes were not like any other classes anymore. For the whole day, we just stayed in the greenhouse. Soon enough, the whole countryside learned that the High Class shut down already. We were being ignored like stones. No one ever asked us to do their homeworks anymore. The whole day, we spent our time, drinking tea and talking about their plans for Friday. I admit: this is good. We can finally open our mouths and be the noisy people we are but…life isn't just the same anymore. Not anymore.

Once dismissal came, Isa's car came. She helped me bring my bag into the car. This isn't the first time I've seen her car but every time I go in, I still wonder how her brother manage to build a car this big and then the police never ask what a big truck full of devices in it is doing at the countryside? I know. The first time Cari, Marissa and I went in, our eyes were as big as saucers from the amazement and shock. We keep telling her brother that they might be caught by the police but after a few drives, he wasn't caught. I don't know about the peeps in the world but for me, Isa's family is a bit odd but awesome. How do they manage that?

Anyways, once we unloaded the bags, one of his brothers closed the door and soon enough, we left.

"Hey Renoir, since you're the one driving, please be um…careful, alright? Even if we're just picking up Daniel at Burger Bar, please don't pull off another driving stunt. Yani is not used to moving vehicles. Alright?"Isa asked. Renoir picked up another bottle of beer. But before he could take a sip, Isa snapped. "RENOIR!"

Renoir was startled. I was more startled, due to the fact that I WAS RIGHT BESIDE HER! But I don't blame her. She does have a point. If you know Renoir, he's rough at driving, always smokes while driving and is drunk the whole ride. I'm not used to moving vehicles also. Usually, to and from school, I just walk. Anywhere, I would walk. The only times I would go to a moving vehicle is when Isa would offer me a ride home. But it's only like…three times a year. So I'm still not used to this.

But back to the topic at hand…

"Alright, alright. Sheesh, kid, you have your ways. Don't worry. I'm not going to drink another bottle until you'll leave."But after that, he sniffled. I sighed. Well…Isa has her ways. Well, being the youngest and the adopted one, I mean.

"Buckle up. We're heading to Burger Bar, then the dojo. After that, the alley near our house. Some punk is messing with some school kids again."Renoir said. This time, Isa began to protest. "I thought you said Burger Bar!"

"Well, kid…plan's changed. Before you buckle up when we go to the dojo, prepare yer hatchet. Seems that punk got some company."Renoir said. Isa nodded.

Soon, Renoir, buckled up and drove to the Burger Bar.

Along the way, I tried to bend to get closer to her. "Uh…Isa, what's with the hatchet?"I whispered. Isa sighed. "Okay, you know why the police don't seem to bother the car and everything?"I nodded. "Long before we went to Winton High, there was a local gang around town. That gang murders men, steals stuff and rapes women out of nowhere. Then when I got my weapon by accident, I convinced the guys to kill them once and for all. My brothers were never taught in the way of murder, but they agreed. So when we finished them off, the mayor rewarded us with a new home a bit far from school but near the orphanage. We sold our apartment and then…we were treated like heroes. So for me…I'm Isa by day, 'Bloody Lion' by night."She whispered. "'Bloody Lion'?"I asked. "Yeah. That's my vigilante and hero name."She replies. I simply nodded. No wonder Isa sleeps for the first three periods in class.


"Hey, hey, Renoir. Did you drink again?"Daniel asked, brushing Isa's long, pastel orange hair. I tied my long, brown hair with a purple ponytail so it would match my purple shirt. Daniel sat near us, in front of the computer he set up. Again, I don't understand how he does it.

Renoir sighed. "I was about to until…"Daniel chuckled. "Yeah, I know. Isa told you to stop drinking for the sake of Yani."I smiled and Isa chuckled. Okay, I admit. Even if they are a bunch of oddballs, they sure can provide the humor.

Then, the phone rang.

"I'll get it."Renoir said, picking up. "'Sup bro?...Already there?...Okay…We're on our way."Then, Renoir shut his phone. "It's Leo. He got them cornered. We're heading straight."

"Alright, then. Isa, get your hatchet. We're going already."Daniel said. Isa then stood up, went to a cabinet, typed some password and suddenly, the door opened to reveal a large hatchet. The sides were silver while the rest were painted rusted red. Quickly, she grabbed it, along with her white beret with a lot of blood stains.

"Um…what's with the beret?"I asked. Isa giggled. "I wear it whenever we're fighting."She said. I sighed. You know, they shouldn't be called the Hana siblings, they should've been the…I don't know, the Badass family?

Anyways, this seemed like a long drive. Isa was listening to her IPod, Daniel was locating something on the computer and Renoir was driving. I was just silent, looking at the window in front of me. Everyone was silent, doing their business.

After a moment, Isa removed one of the earphones from her ear. "Hey guys, what about Micheal?"She asked. Suddenly, Renoir and Daniel looked down. Isa and I were confused. "Wait, what happened?"I asked. Daniel turned to us. "Michael…we fought some gang members last night…and…one of them…knocked him out and sliced him. He's okay but…he's in a coma."

Isa wiped her tears. I feel her pain. Of all the brothers, Isa loves Michael the best. They love joking around. Every time Isa would go anywhere in town, Michael would be with her. Even though Michael's two months older than Isa, they bond like twins. If I were her, my heart would break.

"W-We'll he be okay?"Isa muttered, covering her face. Renoir sighed. "I hope so. I'm beginning to miss that goofball."For a moment, I stayed silent. If there was only a way to comfort them.

Wait, how about a song? That's brilliant!

Opening my bag, I brought out my guitar. I tried to fix the chords since someone messed it up last week.

Ah, here we go.

It's okay, don't you cry
He hates seeing you in tears
It's okay
You'll be fine

I was just a little girl
Back when I used to wipe my tears
Then someone said
"It's okay, don't you cry.

"He hates seeing you cry and
He hates seeing you like this
So it's okay, dry your tears
He will definitely come back."

So it's okay and dry your tears
One day, he'll come back for you

Isa hugged me tight.


I smiled. "Just…believe. One day, he'll wake up."

So along the away, I could still hear the whole song ring in my ears. It made me want to cry.

God, I will miss this place.

It's okay, don't you cry
He hates seeing you in tears
It's okay
You'll be fine

Along the road, you will see
The star that has always been with you
It's okay, don't you cry
Just believe

I was just a little girl
Back when I used to wipe my tears
Then someone said
"It's okay, don't you cry.

"He hates seeing you cry and
He hates seeing you like this
So it's okay, dry your tears
He will definitely come back."

So it's okay and dry your tears
One day, he'll come back for you

Ohh…one day he will
Cross your fingers
And smile
He will come back for you

He will come back
So dry your tears
He'll come back to you one day
He swears wholeheartedly

So it's okay
Dry your tears
Remember those fun times you had
With him

The times we joked
The times we laughed
The times we cried
When everything falls

You were always
Here with me
Always here
To guide you

So it's okay
Dry your tears
He'll be back I promise
Just pray and wish underneath…the star


Chapter 1

Hey maggots! This is my first real story! So, yeah.

In this story, the characters are based from my friends and I would like to dedicate to them this whole story, including the upcoming arcs for the whole KIZUNA series: RASEN, KAKERA, TATARI, UNMEI, STONES, WISH, INORI and the ten mini arcs to follow.

Translation- Kizuna (bonds), Matsuri (festival)

So once again, rant,rave and review!I love to see what you think of it!