This is a poem I made as a final project for my Holocaust Literature class. Read it and tell me your thoughts in the reviews!

I am not a number

I walk down the street among the crowd

They look at me, with glares or uncomfortable glances

As I wear my coat and striped pajamas

The number 240683 was on the front of the shirt

The crowd began to separate as they tried to avoid me

I took a deep breath and looked forward

The soldiers were at the end of the road, guns pointed at me

They shout " Stop, #240683!"

I kept walking forward

Who was that number? It certainly wasn't me

My name is Chayim Fertig

I look at the badge on my shirt

My father's badge was red, my sister and mother's were purple

My brother and I had yellow stars

The soldiers shout "Stay where you are, 240683!"

I stop and glare at them

I take one step forward and reply "My name is not 240683. It is Chayim Fertig."

I hear a loud bang go through the air as I fall to the ground

When I am buried, I want to be known as a human, not a thing

I want to be known as a name, not a number

I am Chayim Fertig, not 240683