I crawled into his bed last night wanting to be close to him.i wrapped his arms around me wanting to feel his warmth and the smell of him. He was mine and I just couldnt get enough of as I moved closer to him, his arms tightened around me. He cracked an eye open and said I knew you couldn't stay away.

I smiled as I buried my face in his shoulder. The feel of his strong arms around me made me feel safe and warm and on this cold winter night I couldn't help but stare at those perfect lips I so desperately wanted to kiss. Looking into his now open eyes I begged silently for that kiss I craved though I only received a smile. He knew but wanted me to act..

My cheeks colored as I stared in disbelief. I had never made the first move and I was scared to do so right now. What if I messed up..wat if... The small circles he rubbed into my back calmed me down alittle though and I looked at those lips again and decided what the hell,if I did anything wrong he wouldn't care..he knew I was his and nothing else mattered

Stretching up I placed my lips on his and our lips moved in sync. The world, the night, the room all faded into nothingness as it was only us and as I kissed him I couldn't get enough. Everything of him addicted me! I needed more, no craved! Biting my bottom lip he pulled away.."let's not rush this" he whispered though his breath and arousal said otherwise

"But.".I began though he cut me." But nothing horny momma, we have loads of time and right now I just wanna hold what I deem most precious to me." Kissing my forehead I smiled and cuddled into him loving the way we fit together.

Story coming soon...