A shaggy blue haired teenager sat alone at a lunch table. He wore a simple dark blue long sleeved shirt, and faded blue jeans. Every once in a while, he would glance over at all of the other kids. Most of them were playing a card game. "So loud." The teen sighed.

"And now I summon, Pumpkin King!" A green haired boy shouted as a fat man inside a pumpkin sprang to life out of the card. It's attack points were printed, 2200. "Now Pumpkin King attack his Legendary Wizard!"

The Pumpkin King monster jumped up into the air slammed down onto a blue clothed wizard. The monster retreated back into its card and vanished.

The brown haired boy standing behind the monster grunted as he guarded himself the wind that had occurred after his monster had been destroyed. "Darn it." He wore a brown jacket over a red polo. His also wore black skinny jeans.

"Next I activate a magic card! Double Strike! This card allows my monster to attack twice in the same turn." The green haired boy explained.

"Oh no!" The brunette teen worried as he looked at his hand. But I don't have any barriers left."

"Exactly. Which means after this attack, you lose! Now finish him off, Pumpkin King! Pumpkin Strike attack!"

The Pumpkin King rolled straight into the brown haired boy, knocking him over. All of the cards and barriers vanished. "Shou, you're pathetic." The green haired student walked over to his previous opponent. "Why do you even play Elementals if you never win?"

Shou laughed rubbing his neck while still on the ground. "Well, because it's fun."

As the bell rang Shou noticed the blue haired boy was staring at an Elemental card. "Hey, since when does that loner Bokuro play Elementals? Hey Bokuro!" Shou shouted as he ran over to him.

Bokuro had a distant look as he turned around to face Shou. "You're name's Shou right? What do you want?"

"You play?" Shou asked looking at the card Bokuro was holding.

"No. It's was given to me by someone special."

"Oh, too bad." Shou sighed. "Well since you don't play, how about I take it off your hands?"

Bokuro scowled, "Touch my card, and you're dead."

"Okay, how about a duel then?" Shou suggested. "Since you're a beginner I'll go easy on you and even explain the rules. Can you find a deck by tomorrow?"

Bokuro nodded, "Sure, but this is all just gonna be one big pain. I hate this game."

A couple of hours later Bokuro walked into a closed card shop. He stared at all the different cards games. Most of the cards in the store were from Elementals however. "So lame." He sighed a she walked up stairs. "I'm home."

He was greeted by his black haired Uncle. "Hello, Bokuro. How was school?"

"Same old same old. Oh and I got challenged to an Elemental duel for my Dad's card?" Bokuro stated rather unenthusiastically.

"Oh so you're a Card Wielder now? Just like your Uncle Kai and your old man, eh?"

Bokuro's eyebrow twitched. "No! I just need a deck to keep the card safe. Preferably a strong one."

Kai shook his head. "I'm sorry Bokuro. But that won't do. A deck is only as strong as its Card Wielder."

Bokuro sighed, "Fine, then any one will do. I'm going to bed." Bokuro walked into his bedroom.

The next morning Bokuro met Shou in the park. There was a whole crowd in the area, waiting to see the duel. "Finally." Shou started. "I was beginning to think you wouldn't show."

"Yeah, whatever. Let's just get this over with quick, okay?"

"Oh, it'll be quick alright." Shou held up a card, "First we start by opening the arena. Usually who chooses the field would be determined by a coin toss, but if I open it, it'll make explaining easier. There are many different types of arena cards. And each of them has their own unique effect to help support a certain types of card. Most of them will benefit one of the Elementals, such as Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Light, Darkness, Nature, and Soul. Arena open!" The card in Shou's hand disappears as the park transforms into a Magical Forest. "This Arena is beneficial to any Magician monster a sit will increase all of their attack points by 200." Five rectangle shaped barriers appear in front of Bokuro and Shou. "These are all Barriers. The goal of the game is to destroy all of your opponents Barriers and once they have none left, deliver the finishing blow.

Bokuro nods, "Got it."

"Now, we both draw five cards. Normally since I choose the arena, you would go first. But for explain reasons again, I'll go, okay?

"Fine by me." Bokuro accepts.

"Alright, so first, I draw. Next I summon Jinx Man! A mini magician man spring out of his card. "This card has 1000attack points. On the field there are two spaces for you to place cards. The first one is the called the monster space, and as the name suggests, it's where you summon your monsters. The second is known as the trick card space. This is where you set your trick cards. Trick cards are cards you can activate only after the turn they have been placed. You can also only set them on your turn. And no more than three on your side of the field.

"Okay." Bokuro watches closely. "Now what?"

"Now would be when I attacked but since I went first, I have to wait. Also when you do attack if your monster would be weaker than mine, you can activate a magic card. That will allow you to power up you monster. Magic cards also have various other effects, however unlike trick cards they can be activated at any time from your hand. But since, I can't attack; I'll set a trick card, and end my turn. Your move.

Bokuro grins, "Finally. I summon Aqua Lion Cub." A lion cub made out of water springs to life from the card. It has 500 attack points.

Shou laughs, "That only has 500 atk! Noob!"

Bokuro ignores him, "Now I activate the magic card Switcheroo. This allows our monster to swap attack points. So now my Aqua Lion cub is at 1200 and your Jinx Man only has 500. Now attack his Jinx Man!"

"Not so fast! I activate my trick card, Magic Box! This card allows me to negate your attack and destroy your monster!"

Bokuro grunts, "I set two trick cards and end my turn."

"My move!" Shou draws a card. "Now, I summon Jinx Girl! A magician girl similar to jinx Man appears. She has 800 atk. "Now because of the arena she gains 200 attack points! Now attack his barrier Jinx Man." Jinx Man releases a blast of magical energy at Bokuro's barrier. "Now, it's your turn, Jinx Girl!" Jinx Girl releases her own energy attack at another one of Bokuro's barriers.

Bokuro grunts, "I only have three barriers left.

Shou flashes a card, "Now I activate the ability card, Double Jinx! Whenever I have two Jinx monsters on my field, all of them can attack twice. Now Jinx, Man, Jinx Girl, both of you attack again!" Jinx Man destroys another one of Bokuro's barriers.

As soon as Jinx Girl prepares to launch her attack, Bokuro shouts, "I activate Aqua Lion Cubs skill! By expelling it from play, I can negate your attack!"

Shou frowns, "You're only delaying your defeat Bokuro. I set a trick card and end my turn." Shou grins, "On my next turn, I'll show you how to summon higher rank monsters."

Bokuro smirks, "Oh I know how to summon higher ranks. First I activate the magic card, Dragon Egg." A spiky shelled egg appears form its card. It has 0 atk. "Next I activate another magic card, Double Summoning, this allows me to summon twice in one turn, by discarding one card. I summon Blazing Monkey." An orange monkey enveloped by flames appears. It has 1200 atk. "Now since both of these monsters are Rank 1. I can sacrifice them both as well as one of my shields in order to summon a Rank 2 monster, since one plus one is two. "I summon, Magical Genie."

A green genie appears, it has 2200 atk. "Normally this monsters attack would be 2200. But because of the Arena, its gains 200."

Shou grunts, "I thought you said you didn't know the rules!"

Bokuro shakes his head, "I never said, I didn't know the rules, "I said I don't play. Now Magical Genie attack his Jinx Man!" Magical Genie shoots dust out at Jinx Man as it vanishes.

"Now Jinx Man goes to the graveyard." Bokuro grins, "See? I know how to play. Bokuro holds up a card, facing the back of it towards Shou. "Once I play this card, I'll win."