"C-Can you see me?" she asked the boy. He nodded his head not trusting his voice at the moment.

"Who are you?" He asked after a beat of silence.

"My name is Skylah McCarter" she told him "now may I have the pleasure of knowing your name?" she asked him.

"Jackson, Jackson Adams" He replied looking at the girl in front of him. "Why are you here?" he asked looking at her with wide eyes as she turned away not looking at him anymore, but out his window as she sat on his window bed/seat in his room.

"Because I can't leave" she answered dryly with no emotion, although it wasn't as though she had been laughing and skipping around happily before.

"Why not?" He asked his voice laced with curiosity and not a trace of the slight fear he had when he first saw her was gone. He looked at the girl with her pitch black hair, with her pale skin that had an actual glow coming off her body lightly that showed she wasn't normal. Hearing the words that uttered from her light pink lips next was almost enough to make him pass out.

"Because my dead soul is now bounded to you , Jackson Adams"