A time to reflect, recharge and remember

Those who stood at your side

Sharing all with you

A fallen friend

Remembered forever

Can receive no higher gift

Than a place in your mind

As you stand

Head bowed


The harsh slap of rounds

The draconic roar of planes

The brass call of a bugle

None who stood with you

Can ever tell

The truth of that day

An outsider, someone not present

Will never understand

The horrors of that war

Your sweetheart takes your hand

Her soft, loving touch

Drawing you

Back from the past

For you, life goes on.

A hero, they call you

Inside, you are a man who did his job well

Despite the cost in blood

Spilt by your hands

And spilt upon them

From men closer to you than brothers

Men who would never experience

The bittersweet pain

Of a homecoming, without them.