Upper Echelon (Top of the World)

You and I've seen things
We both know
We share the same secrets
Though we never speak it aloud

"It's good" you tell me
I nod and agree
We share a laugh
Because we both know the truth

We've seen what they've done
At the top of the world
We've seen who they take
As their tools

But when you must live
It's a damn great life
On the outside
We both know what happens within

We know that someday
That will be us
They'll strip us of values
And pay us in glittering, shimmering objects

But how quickly, we both know
Those objects dull
We'll share the same secrets
At the top of the world

Someday you'll be there
And I will too
We'll never be much
But we'll share the same secrets
And a dark laugh
As we both burn
At the top of the world


We would never be lovers
Perhaps in a different life
But its fine
After all, we'll burn together
Laughing like madmen
At the top of the world

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