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"Where are you going?!"

"I don't know! Anywhere!"

"Damnit, Faolan! You can't keep doing this." Eren, who was on the heels of a speed-walking Faolan, almost fell when she turned to face him.

"Aren't I the best sorcerer here? Haven't I also passed every single test they've thrown at me? Doesn't it make sense that I would be 'Eiladar'?! I was born in the right time and fulfilled all of the requirements in the prophecy! And every time they tell me that I'm not! What is happening that I can't handle? Damnit Eren, I'm tired of this. I try so hard. I do everything and more!" Faolan felt the tears brimming on the corners of her eyes. She sucked in a ragged breath and closed her eyes. Eren sighed and pulled Faolan into a hug and patted her back.

He couldn't understand why she wanted to be Eiladar. It was the worst fate possible. The final test to be Eiladar could kill her if they were wrong. He was sympathetic towards Cillian who had openly rejected the idea. They separated as soon as they heard footsteps approaching them.

"I guess we've got an assignment." Faolan mumbled as a sorcerer of higher rank walked towards them.


"Run! Damnit run!" Faolan couldn't see Eren but his voice carried through the sounds of battle. They were fighting in King Edward's army, in a battle that wasn't supposed to be happening yet in the year 923. Faolan didn't hesitate to follow Eren's orders. She ran for cover in the trees. She was familiar enough with Eren's touch so that when he grabbed her elbow and kept pace with her, it didn't surprise her.

"What happened?" She asked between breaths.

"I saw something weird. It really didn't look right." He replied. They ran for a while longer, just until there was no one that would be caught up with them when they jumped to Headquarters. Once they were back, Eren immediately went to report to the Council. Faolan waited in the hallway, nervously listening.

"Please believe what I'm about to tell you," he started, "I almost didn't believe it myself… I saw a-… I saw what looked like… I mean, it looked like…"

"Speak your truth," one Council said. Faolan couldn't see, but she knew Eren was swallowing nothing but air. Being in front of the Council was always nerve wrecking. Everyone could hear the breath he took before speaking.

"I'm not sure what you call them but, to me, it looked like a dragon?" Faolan's eyebrows knitted at his words. A dragon? Those were simply creatures of fairytales. There was nothing but silence from the Council. Eren began to backtrack. "Look, I'm not saying that it was there. I just saw it. And not even for that long but it moved the trees. It seemed very real. I-I know we were there to figure out why a battle that hadn't happened before was happening now but I think it has to do with the-the dragon." There was more silence from the Council. And then, all at once, the Council was arguing with itself. Points were being in made in languages that were either dead or not of Earth. Eren took that as his cue to leave. He walked into the hallway to a confused Faolan. He took one look at her excepting face and sighed. When he tried to keep walking she blocked his path.

"I know what you're thinking. I'll explain to you later. I just want to go home now, okay?" He pleaded with her. She looked into his eyes and saw the exhaustion. After she nodded, he squeezed her shoulder and disappeared mid-step.

She sighed and walked to her room. Unlike most sorcerers or seekers, Faolan spent most of her time in Headquarters. She didn't have a home to go to like Eren did. The first time she had met him she was ten and he was fifteen. She had been with the Council for two years, training to be a sorcerer. He was brought in as a seeker. The difference between a sorcerer and seeker was the type of magic one could use. Faolan could use all forms of offensive and defensive magic, curses, and healing spells. However, she couldn't see into the River of Time, or even jump into it. That's what a seeker was for. Eren could look into the River of Time and jump into it. Sorcerers and seekers were made to be in pairs. Eiladar, on the other hand, was supposed to be able to be both sorcerer and seeker. Faolan sat on her bed, in a room styled like Versailles.

Faolan laughed to herself as she thought of the first time she had met Eren. She remembered the look of offense when she asked him part of Africa he was from, that she had read about the jungles in a newspaper once. She remembered when he told her he was from the United States.

"Are you a slave? Did your master free you?" Her ten year old self had asked him.

"What? No! I'm not a slave. What's your problem?" He had been so offended.

"Be patient with her," the seeker who had brought him said. "She's from the year 1853. She doesn't know the way things are from your time." At first she had been totally captivated by the darkness of Eren's skin. She knew it was beautiful but there were the occasional stares depending when and where they were. In 1860 London, his skin color was rare but not uncommon. But when she visited Eren's home for the first time, she was the one who got the weird stares. It took a while but Faolan eventually managed to sleep.


Back home, Eren lived alone in a flat in the San Fernando Valley in the greater Los Angeles county. He managed college and a job on top of being a seeker. What was going on in the world, he didn't really know. All kinds of little discrepancies started to pop up within the history he knew. They were so small that everyday people didn't even know notice it. But then again, how could they? All of a sudden that was their history. Eren was worried what would happen if bigger things started changing. He woke up one day and the history book said the first sound movie was in November 1927, not October. But what if he woke up and it said that 9/11 happened on October 12th? How different would the world be?! The repercussions were scary to think of. He had started to write down facts that he knew just in case they changed. Being a seeker he was able to more clearly see these discrepancies than Faolan, or other sorcerers. Benjamin Franklin's birthday was already a day behind than it was originally. Thankfully it didn't change who Franklin was or who he was supposed to become.

It left Eren thinking that maybe who ever was doing this didn't want to completely take over. Perhaps they just wanted to be noticed? But who was it? Who could be changing history so subtly? Eren buried his face in his hands and sighed. It was too much to think of at one time. He was still confused as to why the Council had started yelling. Instead of thinking too hard, he decided to call his mom. While they chatted he checked the date. It was November 18th. He had to buy a really big calendar in order to keep track of what was going on in his present time. He also had a journal to remind him. He hadn't been gone any length of time in his present time. But, at Headquarters and within the River of Time, he'd been there for almost two weeks. It made him believe that C.S Lewis might have been a seeker.

He sat down for some dinner after his talk with his mom. According to her, his dad and little brother were doing fine. His brother was still doing college applications. He felt like he was missing something, like he was one step behind everyone else. He really like having Faolan around at times like this. She made him seem in tune with the rest of the world. They had almost been something, he and Faolan. He liked to think that if she wasn't so hell bent on being part of the prophecy, and if strange things weren't happening, maybe they could be together. But for now, he had to push thoughts like that out of his mind. He couldn't afford to be side tracked like that.

Thinking back to the battle they had been caught up in, the dragon was the only thing that stood out in his mind. He had no idea how Faolan had not seen it. It was dark red against the blue sky and flew right into the trees. It was very slender with the classic four legs and long snout. There were no whiskers, just scales. It had frightened and awed him at the same time. It had shimmered into existence before leaving in a blink of an eye. Before going to sleep, which took a while, he thought of what might happen now and settled on the good scenarios before closing his eyes.