Lend me your wisdom,
tell me what to write.
Show me new perspectives
grant me your insight.

You see things with such clarity
deep inside people's souls.
The words that flow forth from my pen
are those that you have told.

You become a million diff'rent things
You're an actor who lives the part.
You assume not only the personality
but the essence, the soul, the heart.

My mind does not control my pen,
I leave that up to you.
My own words stumble haltingly
whilst those you tell ring true.

You used to only speak through dreams
in the stillness of the night
but now you freely talk to me
in these words I write.

They say you are a part of me,
I guess that this is so.
But if that is the case how did
you learn all that you know?

The places you go are far from my world,
to them I have never been
You've experienced things I've never done
viewed sights I've never seen.

But I won't over-analyse
for all you say is true.
Instead, my dear and trusted muse,
I'll just say thank you.