My black wings spread out, broken.

I'm trapped on earth, a fallen angel

Cast down from heaven by a vengeful god.

I scream to the sky, hoping for a second chance,

Knowing that one will never come.

I look up to the sky, wondering

If this choice I made is right

To choose darkness over light.

I needed to be with you,

But I gave up my past life

To shape our future together.

Shining lights fall from the sky,

Like embers from a fire.

Inside, a human body,

Broken wings, angels

Cast down from heaven.

I flap my wings, but nothing happens.

My powers, gone.

The throne, the legacy of angels,

taken from my grasp.

In a field, and all alone,

A single figure stands.

She looks up, her face

A shadow of former glory,

Of battles lost and won.

Wings, spread out beside her,

Black as night, battle-worn.

She wears a dress with flickering stars,

Under her arm, she holds a helmet,

Painted black with darkest ink,

Raven feathers trailing down.

I look up to the stars, to the black

Night, the light shrouded by the wings

Of fallen angels. As they spread

Them, trying to fly, trying to get out

From this world, with nothing to live for beside

A single thought, the thought of creation, the creation of me

A single feather falls, a lost

Drop of an angel's wing,

Of a being made of light,

Fire, glowing, in her hair