Introduction-The Basic Idea

Why am I Writing This?

I've always been big on reading and writing. So overtime I have wondered why certain issues keep popping up, such as horribly stupid villains or terribly attempts at being 'deep' and 'meaningful'. I still don't any explanation for it; however I can understand why these are problems and that is at least part of the solution. Hence why I've started this little series and posting on here, in the hope that this little collection of mini-essays will help someone.

You'll probably note later on that I will be covering mediums behind books. This is because movies, videogames, comics and television series also involve writing somewhere along the line. That is the only aspect I'll be looking at but it's a big one; plot-holes and other oddities are in every storytelling medium. You mat note more of a focus on one or two of these, because those are what I consume more of. Also note that just because I praise or dislike one part of a medium doesn't mean I like or hate the rest; just that I can see the good or bad side of something.

Now to actually explain the issues posed in each essay, I am going to go into some published works. I do not own these works nor do I claim to, the pieces mentioned in each essay belong to their respective owners. If anyone wishes for my to cover a certain topic they find annoying or add it to the rules, simply review or PM me. I cannot promise I will cover it; this will either be due to a lack of knowledge on my part, a disagree on it or simply lacking the time.