"Hiya, Mom," Sam blinked back tears, he'd wanted to say those words for so long.

His mother's jaw dropped as she recognized the child she hadn't seen in nearly ten years. "Katie?"

Sam shook his head, "'Fraid not. It's Sam, now, officially. Seven years, now, actually. Time flies."

There is a pause. Neither mother nor son knows what to say in this situation.

Sam cleared his throat. "Dad called me. Well, he started calling my old friends to try and find me." He ran a hand through his hair awkwardly. "He said I should come home, that you were missing me. I wondered if you missed me or just your daughter."

Sam's mom ran to the chair in which he was sitting. She embraced him, unable to speak for a few moments.

"Of course I missed you… Sam," she tried the name.

A tear slipped down Sam's face. He hugged her back, as though trying to make up for the past.

"What happened, Ka—Sam?" his mom asked when the two finally separated. "Please, tell me what happened after I told you to leave?"

"I left," Sam began. "I surfed my friends' couches for a while, but I ended up at a shelter for queer kids. I have no idea how I managed it, but I graduated on time; walked the stage and everything.

"I got started on T as soon as I could. You know you have to be in therapy for six months before they'll give you hormones? I was so pissed, but that's how I met Cody. My therapist recommended a group of other transguys. Cody and I ended up getting a flat together before college. Cody's amazing. When I first met him, all I could think was 'Damn, it's a shame he's straight'.

"I raised the money for top surgery three years ago, and I'm working towards bottom surgery, now.

"You'll be glad to know that I'm in med school. Top ten in my class. I think I'm gonna be an OB/GYN.

"And I'm in a relationship. My girlfriends, Shay and Nicole, wanted to meet you guys, but I wanted to make sure you'd like to meet them first…" Sam left the question unspoken.


Sam nodded, "Yeah, they're gorgeous, both of them, and smart and funny and opinionated. We've been talking about moving in together, the three of us."

"My son, so lovely he attracted two girls when so many men can only get one." They both laughed uproariously.

Sam's face turned solemn. "Mom, you seem really accepting, now. Why'd you kick me out back then?"

She turned away, shamefaced. "I- I thought that it was right," she began. "I am so sorry, Sam. If I could do it over—I could never send you away again."

Sam nodded again. Tears threatened them both. "Come on, Dad said he'd be making dinner while we talked, if it didn't sound too bad."