Blood In The Breeze

There is Blood in the Breeze,

And Glory in these Stains.

The Sky shall soon Freeze,

For Gone are these chains.

The Past may wash away,

But never will it truly fade.

Let there be no delay,

For I am not afraid.

This Iron shall forge the flame,

And Never shall it break.

Gone is the old Game,

For I am now Awake.

If the world is Fragile,

Then let me make it Strong.

Life may be brutal,

But it is where we Belong.

Our Blood may Bleed,

But never will we fall,

If this must be our Creed,

Then never shall we crawl.

There is Blood in the Breeze,

And Strength in this Song.

If we must fight these Armies,

Then to Glory We Belong.