From one generation to the next, they were always on the move, always watching their back and that of their family, always not quite fitting in with the norms. And wherever they might go, whomever they might try to stake a place alongside in society, they were always looking for the perfect choices…and they were always hungry.

The Stewarts are a family unlike any other, for they have a rather untypical issue: they are close to what one might think of as a vampire. While they appear to be normal humans in most aspects, and lead their lives as though they are, they just happen to differ in one important manner from other dysfunctional families: they need human blood to survive. They are not vampires, if such a thing truly does exist. They can go outside in the daylight, their reflection shows in mirrors, they age and can die like any other, they do not sleep in coffins or rise from a grave, and garlic and silver has no effect on them. But from birth onward, although they can eat normal human food, without human blood, they will grow wasted and anemic and very, very irritable.

As a result, they are forced to hide their true identities from the community at large. Any time they kill, they must do so carefully and conceal their deed. But often, their urge for blood or towards a particular person's blood may cause them to lose control, and the resulting mess most likely means they will have to move again.

Darryl and Frances Stewart were born with the need for blood with which they have passed down to their children; the trait has been a secret passed down from their ancestors from generation to generation. Each generation, because of their need to keep their need for blood a secret, has become increasingly inbred over time, resulting in the gene accounting for their need for blood being passed down repeatedly and strengthening with each new generation. Although the family has dwindled down to only a few survivors in this generation, it appears that Regina and Ryan Stewart may be the next to carry it on within the youngest generation.

Darryl and Frances Stewart were killed just over two years ago in an attempt to kill gone wrong, in which their intended victims turned the tables on them and killed them instead. Fortunately the majority of their children were old enough then to have learned how to discreetly kill and dispose of bodies as needed, and all were growing old enough to begin to learn to control themselves. This doesn't mean, however, that the children, and even those now legal adults, still don't have lapses, and in the past two years the Stewarts have been forced to move several times just in case suspicion is turned their way.

Because some of the children are underage, and because they want to draw as little attention to themselves as possible, some of the children attend school as if they were normal and also have a social worker; this only increases the difficulty of their not being caught.

Currently, the Stewarts reside in a farmhouse, rather isolated from the rest of the town, in a town just outside a larger city in the United States. It is their hope that in this isolation they will be able to carry on their lifestyle as needed, undetected.

Six Stewart children- 22-year-old Jeremy, 19-year-old Regina and Ryan, 18-year-old Mark, 15-year-old Veronica, and 10-year-old Margaretta- each of them carrying the mutation that would mark them as different, as abnormal, for the remainder of their lives. They only have each other, and yet in their worlds, their unique circumstances of life, this is really all they'll ever truly need.