1 Kyler's POV

I brought in the last of my boxes into my new dorm room and I sighed wiping sweat off my brow.

"Well, here you are" Dad patted my back, "you're a College man now."

"Yeah" I fixed my glass since they'd fallen down off my nose from Dad's back slap.

"Concentrate on your studies okay, don't let those College girls and those wild parties throw you off your game."

College girls are the least of my worries, and I don't do parties. "Dad, come on, it's like you haven't even met me."

Dad chuckled. "I'm kidding son."

"I can't believe my little baby is all grown up!" Mom had come into my room and pulled me into her suffocating hugs.

"Mom!" I pried her off me, "one of these days you're going to kill me."

"It will be out of love Kyler."

Being an only child of two doting parents can be hell sometimes. My Mom babies me when I can perfectly take care of myself. My Dad wants to spend every waking moment with me. And because they shower me with so much love and expect so much from me I can't tell them that I actually dig guys instead of girls. They thought I never had a girlfriend because I'm socially awkward. Well I am. I'm not good around people. I've only had a total of three boyfriends. But I met them through my friend Clorissa though. But anyways, being away from College means I can get the privacy I never received from my parents. I'm actually looking forward to this year.

"Promise you'll call everyday" Mom said kissing every inch of my face, "I want to make sure my baby is doing well."

"Mom! Stop!"

"C'mon Mrs. Thacker" my best friend Zeik said walking into my dorm room, "he's in good hands with me. I'll show him the ropes."

I met Zeik when I was in first grade, he was in third grade then. Zeik was the first person to talk to me considering I was the shy kid. My first impression of him was an in-your-face kind of person. He always came onto you too strong. But that's Zeik's greatest feature. He graduated two years before me, but even though he had College and work he still found a way to pop up unexpectedly and ruin my me time. But because of Zeik I didn't become a complete shut in.

"Take care of my baby boy Zeik" Mom said as I found myself back in her suffocating hold.

Just let it happen Kyler, it'll all be over soon.

"We should be going Mary, we need to let Kyler unpack" Dad said.

"Alright" she let go of me.

Thank you Father.

"But I'll be back this weekend so we could go hang out" Dad punched my shoulder.

"Actually" I said rubbing my shoulder, "I'm going to go job hunting this weekend."

"You're maturing! My sweet adorable baby!" Mom kissed me.

"Mom! Lay off!"

"You two kids better head home before it gets too late, I need to show my buddy around" Zeik wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"Okay, be good Ky, stay in school, don't do drugs."

I rolled my eyes. "Yes Mom."

"Join a club, maybe a sport" Dad said, "put yourself out there this year, maybe you might find a girl who likes the same things you like."

"Yeah, sure" I mumbled.

"Bye honey" Mom kissed me again until Dad dragged her away.

"I'm tired" I sighed sitting on my bed.

"I would be too, with parents like that" Zeik smirked, "but c'mon let me show you around." He pulled me to my feet.

"Um, I'll much rather start unpacking."

"You can do that later. Would you rather stay here and unpack or look at hot College boys?"

Hm, he drives a hard bargain. Boys? Video Games? Boys? Video games?

"Let's go" I said.

"You made the right choice! But before that, I must meet my lady love at the front gate."

He was referring to Clorissa. Both of them had started dating in middle school. She was a sixth grader and him an eighth grader. I though it wouldn't work out, but they've been dating for seven years. I wouldn't be surprised if they get married. Or if Clorissa's pregnant. Wouldn't be surprised at all.

But Clorissa's a really amazing person, and any guy would be lucky to have her. She's extremely beautiful, she's kind, sweet, and a best friend till the very end. I was really fortunate to have a friend like her.

Zeik and I walked to the front gate and we sat down and waited for Clorissa.

"So what are you majoring in?" Zeik asked.

"Game designing" I said playing with a stick.

"Of course you are. Haven't you ever thought of forgetting about all those games and socialize with other people?"

"No, reality is a world full of empty promises and broken dreams, I want no part of it."

"Spoken like a true emo."

"I'm not emo!"

"So you say. But come on Kyler, why do you hate reality so much, not all of it is that bad."

"Not all of it, but 95% of it is. The economy is going down the drain, and there are more suicides and murders going on every day. Humans are cruel and heartless creatures, I'm embarrassed to call myself one." I broke the stick in half.

"That's some pretty dark stuff Kyler."

"But it's true if you think about it. Fuck the 3D world, 2D is fine with me."

"You'll never get a guy if you keep talking like that."

"That's what Clorissa is for."

"She is a great match maker, she has found some amazing guys for you, but you always choose games over them."

"Guys are like pets" I sighed, "you have to check up on them so they don't get lonely, take them out so they'll be happy. You have to spend every waking moment with them without having any personal time. I like personal time, a little more than others I suppose."

"Way more, you practically ignored your boyfriends Kyler."

"This is why I prefer turtles, they don't need all that care."

"You want to be a virgin forever?"

I gave him a weird look. "I'm not a virgin."

"Whoa, what?"

"I'm not a virgin! I had three boyfriends Zeik, I don't ignore them that much."

"You're not a virgin?!"

"Why are you so surprised?"

"Because you're a gamer nerd! Gamer nerds are virgins!"

"Gamer nerds also never get girlfriends either, you're so stereotypical. I'm not a huge hermit like you think I am."

"Wow" Zeik stared at me in amusement, "so are you good in bed?"

"Care to try me out?"

"You're a whore."

"Thank you" I laughed.

"Look! Thy fair maiden approaches!" Zeik stood as he watched Clorissa's car pull up.

Clorissa parked her car and got out. Her beautiful black curls flew around her face as the wind blew, her emerald green eyes spotted us and she smiled her glorious radiant smile that could make any guy melt.

"My love! You have arrived!" Zeik ran over swooping her into his arms and giving her a passionate kiss. "We can now be together forever mon amour!"

"Oh" Clorissa giggled when Zeik brought her up right, "you're still romantic."

"It has been so long since I've last held you in my arms, let this moment last!"

Clorissa giggled again. "I love you Zeiky boo!"

"And I love you my Rissa bear!"

I swallowed any vomit that threatened to come up. These guys have been together for seven years, but they haven't lost that new lovers spark. They're extremely lovey dovey. I can't hang out with them together, it's either or with me.

"Hey Kyler!" Clorissa said when I decided to walk over.

"Hey Rissa" I nodded at her.

"Where were you all summer?"

"With my parents" I sighed, "we went out of state for summer vacation because they wanted to spend time with me before I left for College. It was hell. Sometimes I wish I wasn't an only child."

"Being an only child is great, you just need different parents" said Zeik.

"Oh, Kyler, I have found the perfect guy for you! He's super hot, down to earth, and he's on the College football team and—"

I held up my hand to stop her. "Clorissa, you know I hate jocks."

"I know, but I thought maybe you might want to shake it up a bit."

"No thank you."

"Clorissa, did you know that Kyler isn't a virgin?" Zeik said.

"Uh, yeah, he lost his virginity his Sophomore year."

"Three years later you now decide to tell me?"

"I thought you already knew."

"Why didn't you tell me Kyler? I thought we were friends!"

I frowned. "Why do I have to tell you about my sex life?"

"You told Rissa!"

"Because she's a girl and it's easy to talk to her."


"Babe" said Rissa, "Kyler is gay, so he might be thinking that talking to his straight friend might seem awkward to him."

"Ky, we've been friends for eleven years, if I thought talking about guys was weird I think I would've ditched you a long time ago."

"Are you sure it's not weird?" I asked, "be honest."

"It's not weird at all, I actually really enjoy it."

Clorissa and I gave him a weird look.

"That came out really wrong" he said.

"Don't bother trying to rephrase" I said, "you're now sexually curious in my book."

"I'm not gay!"

I shook my head. "What's done is done."

"If you ditch me for another guy Zeik" Clorissa warned.

"My Love! Never! You're the only one for me, no man or woman can take me away from you!"

"Goody" she kissed him.

"Oh, party at this cool club downtown" said Zeik, "you two are invited."

"No thanks."

"Come on Kyler!" Zeik shook my shoulders, "you are going! I invited some of my gay friends just for you!"

"I don't like parties Zeik, you know that."

"Please, just this once, I'll never ask you to go to another party again."

I would much rather stay in my room and play video games than dirty myself up by being among other people. But I might get some tonight so what the hell? "Fine, I'll go."

"Yes! Thank you, and wear you're contacts, you look hotter without your glasses."

"And now you're officially gay" I said turning away.


Zeik then showed us around campus, he showed us the hottest places, like the student lounge, and the Rec. Room, that place is probably I'll most likely hang out with the other gamer nerds. He showed us the cafeteria, where classes will be held, the library, the student store, and the small café. After the tour was done the three of us sat in the student lounge to catch up. But when Zeik and Clorissa thought it was time to make out I left. I unpacked my things, putting all my video games neatly in my bookcase, I set up my TV and game system and laid in bed and started to play.

Hours later there was a knock on my door and Zeik came in. "Where'd you go?"

"Just now noticing I was gone?" I asked not taking my eyes off the TV.


"I don't like sitting there awkwardly while you and Rissa make out without my DS."

"Sorry about that, it's just been so long since I've last seen my lady love. I am going to fuck her hard tonight!"

"Nice to know."

"Anyways, get ready! The party starts in a few minutes."

"I'm changing my mind actually."

"Kyler no! You said you would go!"

"I'm about to beat the game."

"The game will be here when you get back bro, come on! Please? For me?"

I sighed saving my game. "Fine, whatever."

"Yes! Thank you!"

"Yeah, yeah" I took a shower and put on nicer clothes and put in my contacts. I then met up with Zeik and Clorissa and he drove us to the club.

It was obnoxiously loud and smelled of sweat and booze. Exactly how I pictured it. It was jammed packed with people either grinding on the dance floor, or grinding on the couches. Not like other people were going to sit there or anything.

"I need to be drunk in order to enjoy myself" I sighed, "if you need me, I'll be standing over there in that corner."

"No you don't" Zeik grabbed me arm and pulled me back, "we are mingling."

"That word isn't in my dictionary."

"It means we are going to talk to other people."

I groaned and Zeik dragged me over to a group of people.

"Hey Zeik! What's up?" A decently hot guy said.

"Sup!" Zeik smiled.

"Who're your friends?"

"This is my amazingly sexy girlfriend I told you about, Clorissa" Zeik said wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Hi" she smiled, "nice to meet you guys."

"Pleasure is all ours" said another guy.

"And this is my best and amazing friend Kyler."

"Kyler?" Said another hot guy, "cool name."

"Thanks" I said quietly.

"He's a little shy" Zeik said, "go easy on him."

"No promises."

They all laughed, I didn't find it very funny.

I ended up sitting with them for most of the night. Nobody was talking to me (figures) so I moved over towards the bar. I couldn't order anything, so I just played games on my phone.

"Hey" a voice said beside me.

I looked up to see the guy who greeted us smiling at me.

"May I sit?"

I nodded.

"My name's Roy" he said, "Kyler right?"


"Can I get you a drink?"

"Um, sure."

Roy ordered me a drink and I took a sip. It was good. I really need to get drunk to get this night over with.

"So uh, how old are you?"

"Eighteen" I said taking another sip, "you?"


I nodded tracing a finger on the counter top.

"You really are shy aren't you?"

I gave him a small smile. "Yeah, I'm not really good around other people, I like to keep to myself most of the time."

Roy ran the backs of his fingers on my arm and I took another swig of my drink to calm my nerves down.

"So what are you studying?" He asked.

"Game design" I answered.

"Really? Me too."

I gave him an interested look. "Really? You like gaming?"

"Love gaming" he smiled.

"What kind of games do you like?"

"I like hardcore gory kind of games. What about you?"

"I'll actually play just about anything, suggest a good game to me and I'll check it out. But I mainly play MW3, Dead Island, and other zombie games."

"You like Zombies?"

"Love Zombies, Zeik and I used to plan out how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse back in high school."

Roy laughed. "That's funny."


"Let me get you another drink" he offered noticing my half empty glass.

Roy and I talked for an hour and we were getting along well. He kept buying me drinks, I only stopped drinking when my mind started getting cloudy. I didn't want to get too drunk. But I was drunk enough to make out with him in front of other people. He was a great kisser.

"Want to continue this back at my place?" Roy asked.

"By place you mean back at the dorms right?" I asked.


"Then sure" I nodded, "let's go."

We stood up and Roy took my hand and we left the club. We got back to the school and he opened his dorm room. He kept the lights off so I couldn't see what his room looked like. But that was okay, his bed was all that mattered.

Roy found my lips and kissed me hungrily. I tilted my head sticking my tongue in his mouth. We kicked off our shoes without breaking the kiss then fell onto his bed. Roy ground his hips into me and I moaned wrapping my legs around his waist.

"Fuck me hard" I said as Roy ripped my shirt off my body, "I like it rough."

"So do I" he said my ear. He pulled away unbuckling my belt and let it clatter to the floor. My pants and my underwear joined it. He pumped me getting me nice and erect, then he started shedding his own clothes.

"God you're so big" I smiled as I watched him jack off.

"You like that huh? Suck it and you'll see just how big I am." Roy climbed over me and I felt the tip of his cock on my lips. I held his base and took him into my mouth and began working my magic.

Roy moaned as he began thrusting his hips. I sucked hard twisting my head this way and that. He was really big. Can't we skip the foreplay and get to the fucking? After I finished thinking that Roy slipped out of my mouth with a pop.

"You ready to get fucked by my fat cock?" He asked.

"Fuck me!" I whined, "I need you."

"Turn around."

I flipped onto my stomach, Roy didn't hesitate and penetrated me. He fucked me fast and hard. I closed my eyes and moaned. My God! He was amazing!

"Say my name" Roy said.

"Roy" I moaned.



"Louder bitch!"

"Oh my God Roy!" I yelled as he made contact with my sweet spot, "fuck me harder, fuck me hard with your fat cock!"

"Yeah, that's right" Roy fucked me harder until our skin started making that slapping noise each time they touched. "Tell me you like it baby."

"I like it" I moaned gripping the sheets, "I fucking like it! Ah yeah, faster!"

Roy did and I moaned louder. I bit into his pillow to muffle my moans so other people won't hear us. This was too good.

"I'm going to come" I panted as I felt myself nearing climax.

"Wait a little bit longer" Roy's voice sounded strained, like he wasn't going to last that much longer.

I squeezed my eyes shut, and let out a moan as I came. A few thrusts later so did Roy.

I lay there panting riding out my orgasm, an awesome orgasm.

"How was that?" He asked laying beside me.

I rolled onto my back turning to him. "It was really amazing, best sex I ever had."

Roy bent down and kissed me, and I kissed him back.

"I'm going to go" I said sitting up.

"C'mon, stay, we can have another go."

As good as that sounds I must decline, I have to get up tomorrow. But if you have time between classes we can have more fun."

"Sounds good to me."

I kissed him this time, my tongue slipping through his lips. Our muscles wrestled each other, and I tilted my head to deepen the kiss. I then pulled away and put on my clothes.

"Thanks for tonight" I said making sure I had my wallet and my phone, "it was fun."

"Glad I could lighten up your life."

"Yeah, bye" I left his room and walked upstairs to mine.

College life doesn't seem so bad after all.

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