Rika: Something just hit me and this was it ;3

Kirin: Dedicated to a very "dear" friend of ours

Nami: Enjoy :)

You reminded me of the Queen of Hearts

Your title so deceiving

Not caring for anyone at all

Loving no one but yourself

Your heart belong to you and you alone

But I guess that's fitting:

Queen of your own heart

But then again you're more like a king

Who rules over everyone

Keeping a small portion of their heart

I was like Alice

The white rabbit being love

All I could do was follow it

And no matter how many times I got hurt or lost

I picked myself back up and roamed around blindly

Eventually it led me to you

Losing myself in a maze

Only to wake up from a dream

Arisa: There's no rhymes cheme or patterns

Reiya: Hell, the stanza's don't even have the same amount of lines!

Reiko: Deal with it -_-

Hina: Don't forget to check out our other poems and stories~