by M. L. Larsen

It might look like a toilet, but in reality, it was a hellhole - a small portal to Hell. It was placed in a school (of course) and looked like any other toilet. White, clean and dull. The candy-crazy bullies were always sitting there and shiting all day long after eating too much red hot candy from the catine. Their shit was red and had a face with a funny grin. It was devil shit - small red soldiers with small horns and a dirty attitude. They returned home to thier master, the master of regularly evil, Shitan (who were a distant relative of Satan), to tell about their shitty adventures of how they managed to make the kids do their bidding. Shitan was the true underdog of Hell and looked like shit. He took care of demonic possition though the use of the red hot candy and children shit because of thier love for candy and their brown poo poo were easy prey. Was it the most evil and ambitious plan of all time? No at all, but it was fun. The schemes that the devil-shit made the kids do, was harmless. Mostly. The latest scheme involved a school girl who stab her best friend in the left eye with a pencil. She calmed that she was possited by the devil (of course), but no one believed her obliviously. Not even the local priest believe in all that devil-shit and he called himself a priest?! Well anyway the school girl got her mind deep fried via elektrochok teraphy. A waste of electricity if you ask me. In the end Shitans sick child play got terminated by Satan due to budget cuts (?!). Shitan got angry with his red big boos/cousin and was against the shutdown. Satan got tried of him and flushed him like the shit he was in the nearest hellhole in Hell. That hellhole led to the frozen Hell where all sinners gets frost bites. Yes, Satan can be quit a badass devil toward his own family.