Destroyer, he is called

Fuming with anger, rampaging in town

No mercy for those who cower

A dangerous man who wants a crown.

Overrules those who reason

And calls out for war

Sends men out to fight

While he eats a mighty boar.

Blood and bodies cover the earth

Not a single soul to spare

Now red and grey skies

Send the signal 'Do not dare.'

Try run and hide

But you will find

You can't outsmart

He who's not kind.

Only the human who has more courage

Only the human who never ran

Only the human who carries no sword

And only that human can.

Peacemaker, he is called

Gentle smile, gentle soul

Gives kindness and heart

With one single role.

Hush the Destroyer

Bring happiness again

Pile all the swords

Into Destroyer's den.

Give him what he wants

All power, no hordes

Give him a throne

Made of swords.

Give him a palace

Give him permission

Give him a town

Under only one condition.

He can keep his power

He can keep the crown

But only if

He never leaves the town.

Agrees, he does

A whole town to him

A million swords at hand

And everyone to scared to chop off his limb.

Peacemaker, one to be clever

Makes the villagers disappear

Takes them somewhere safe

Where they can drink whiskey and beer.

Happy they are

Though not the Destroyer, yes

Angry, annoyed at their contract

The Peacemaker causes stress.

No villagers, no people to boss

No one to follow

Even if all the power is owned

Everything left is hollow.

"Peacemaker, the liar!" Destroyer calls

"No lies here" replies Peacemaker

"How is that possible?"

"Simply this, I'm not a faker."

"Liar!" once again Destroyer calls

"Look around, you have all the power you wanted"

Quiet follows the words before Peacemaker continues

"All you ever did was flaunted."

Wise words he spoke

The Destroyer wanted power

Yet when he received

He was sour.

The destroyer fell

Alone in a palace with weapons of pain

With isolation from others

Stuck until he carries a cane.

But he had what he wanted

All power, no hordes

And a throne

Made of swords.