Trudging through a straight road,

I walk past many faces,

All watching me with malicious smirks,

When will it end?

Being pushed around,

Being a punching bag,


Trying to fake a smile,

Whenever a tease comes by,

They'll never understand, will they?



Slapped, kicked, pushed,

Tempted to fight back,

But both of us know...

It'll only cost us more...

And as the school bell goes,


Is always the first word I hear,

Run, my mind would say,

Run from those who hurt you,

Run for your existence,

But I always seem to think,

Is this how life would be?


I wonder,

As I cross roads and see happy people,

Why fate played such a game,

A game of dice,

That only seemed to be one-sided,

As I walk through an endless darkness...

Why are you so sad?

An cursed question,

But wasn't it obvious?

Clearly not.

Socialize! You have to socialize!

Why, may I ask,

Must I be with you?

You've never gave me a chance,

So why bother?

Why can't you just leave me alone?

Why won't you understand?

And as I stagger to the end of the road,

I relive the journey,

Could everything have gone this way?

Not at all,

Not here, not there not ever,


Is this really the end?

You tell me.